Rafael Nadal explained yesterday in London, after winning his first game in the ATP Finals against Rublev, who, in his opinion, does not need to create a new tennis organization like the one made by Serbian Novak Djokovic, the PTPA. I have not spoken with him about this, they know my opinion, but not to create that association are they going to try to help the players more than we do, that we believe in the structure that exists. If we are in the situation we have today, it is not just because of Roger, Andy, Novak, not me or the top players. We asked the rest what they thought they deserved, “said the Spaniard.

For Rafa, the improvement in the players' conditions compared to years ago is clear. If we compare the circuit today with the one that existed five, six or seven years ago, in terms of benefits, especially for low-ranked players, I think it's significantly better now. We promoted the idea that many more players could survive from tennis, which is a bigger sport now. “he added.

The PTPA, founded by Djokovic and Pospisil, is an association of players outside the ATP with which they seek new objectives in the relationship of tennis players with this institution, leaving aside the ATP Players Council. “We talked daily about what we had to do to make it possible. I think we don't need to create another organization for that. That's it. The idea is the same, but the way to face it is completely different, “Nadal concluded.


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