Nacho: “Winning a title with your country is one of the most beautiful things that can happen to you”


The defender of the Spanish team Nacho Fernández acknowledged that he had to stop “for a few days” because he was not feeling “quite well” due to some discomfort, but that he is already recovered for the round of 16 match of the European Championship in Germany. this Sunday against Georgia, and also confessed his dream of winning the tournament because “winning a title with your country is one of the most beautiful things that can happen to you.”

“Regarding the discomfort, it has been a very long season, with very demanding matches. In the friendly against Ireland and against Croatia I did not feel completely well and we decided that I would stop for a few days to recover well, to be in the best condition. important thing that is coming now in the Euro Cup,” Nacho said at a press conference.

The man from Madrid confirmed that this Friday he will do “all the training with the team” and hopes to “arrive without any problem for the Georgia game.” “Then it’s also a coach’s decision. I’m going to try to be one hundred percent, which is what I have to focus on,” he warned.

The former Real Madrid footballer had words of gratitude for coach Luis de la Fuente. “These days he has been very good to me, he has supported me at all times. It was not easy for me these days to be here in the national team with so many things on my mind and the coach has always been there with me to support me in everything I I have needed and I really want to also send you a few words of gratitude,” he noted.

It will also be “an issue” for the Rioja coach to have him in the future for the ‘Roja’ since he is leaving for the Saudi Arabian League. “It is true that a few years ago it was very unknown to everyone and now its potential is changing a lot, precisely because important players are going there,” he remarked.

“Whether or not I may be selectable in the future is a matter for the coach, but it is true that it is a completely different place than Real Madrid, but you know me perfectly, I always want to compete, I always want to be at my best and until I retire I want to Let it be like that, so we’ll see about that in the future. Now all I want is to enjoy the Euro Cup, to be at my best with the team and hopefully we can do something important,” he added in this regard.

Regarding Spain’s status as favorite in the continental tournament, he admitted that they are “a very strong team” and that they are “in a very positive dynamic.” “We are the only team that has won all three games, but whether they give us favorites or not, honestly it doesn’t affect us, if they want to do it that’s fine with us, but it’s not going to distract us from what our job is, which is to win every game. , play an important role,” he stressed.

“We are representing a country that is Spain, which is wonderful, and for all the players who are here it is an honor and a pride to come with the national team and be able to win a title,” Nacho added about the ‘Red’ options.

For the defender, “the importance of winning a title with your country is one of the most beautiful things that can happen to you.” “Last year we won the Nations League and the truth is that it was a very special moment, which I remember with great affection. A European Championship is even more important, I would put it very close to my Champions League, of course,” he said.