After having completed 100 games at the club, the player of Osasuna Nacho Vidal affirms that he wants to stay in the Navarrese entity longer, showing that the main thing is to keep the team one more year in LaLiga Santander.

Last week against Huesca, Vidal completed 100 games wearing the red jacket, “a very great pride” for a footballer who ends his contract with Osasuna in June 2022.

“I would have signed to be a centenary in March 2021 the day I sat down to eat with Braulio and Cata for the first time”, recalls the side after his signing for the Navarrese team in July 2018.

For Vidal, the confidence they showed him Braulio and Jagoba Arrasate From the beginning he made it “very clear” when landing in Pamplona in search of “minutes to compete and grow soccer and personally.”

Osasuna Shield / Flag

“I think it was a great success to come to Osasuna,” says the swift defender who arrived at a “familiar and calmer” place with the clear objective of being promoted to the First Division in the team led by Arrasate.

“In Pamplona, ​​people love Osasuna. In other cities there are more followers of Real Madrid or Barcelona, ​​but here most of the fans are red in good times, and especially in bad times. It seems incredible to me, “says the 26-year-old.

The Valencian youth squad feels loved in the Navarran capital, a city of which the education and respect of its inhabitants stands out. “I have quickly taken root, and I identify with the values ​​of Pamplona Y Osasuna, which are very similar to who I am as a person, “he adds.

Vidal emphasizes the “growth” that Osasuna is experiencing at all levels “because his situation allows it”, ensuring that it continues to be the close club that he found when he first arrived.

The Alicante laughs when reliving his debut with Osasuna: “I remember that game a lot. From that moment a new stage began, and I scored a beautiful goal that was annulled.”

It also indicates the duel before the Malaga (1-2) in the Second Division of the 18/19 campaign, which meant a “turning point”, and which marked the “future of the season”, to end up ascending to the top category “with a plus of confidence”.

From Arrasate, Vidal highlights the ability he has to transmit his knowledge at a group level, and appreciates the confidence that the club gave the coach when Osasuna accumulated 13 games without achieving a victory: “There are times when you work hard, but the results don't come, and what Jagoba has achieved is worthy of admiration”.

“In the meeting in Elche a change was perceived. The team was solvent and competitive, and I was reassured to know that the situation improved,” he says.

“It costs a lot to win a game. All are played as if they were finals, and it is the small details that help to get the three points,” he says Vidal, who sees Osasuna “sure of himself, mentally strong and eager to reach the goal of salvation as soon as possible”, without forgetting the effort that this entails.

“El Sadar with his fans present is undoubtedly one of the most difficult courses of the Spanish League. I remember the second year in which, when things got bad, I looked at people and knew we were going to come back, “says the footballer about player number 12 whom he misses so much.

His effort and commitment will not change if Arrasate decides not to start a game: “Regardless of what happens on the weekend, I give it my all every day, that is something non-negotiable”.

“My work of the week is sacred, I put my five senses in each session and the coach is there to make the decisions. He has a difficult role because he often has to choose between several players who are fit,” he adds.

“The objective is so stimulating, that you draw strength from where there is none,” he asserts about the permanence they will have to achieve in the final stretch of the League, in which, if his coach allows it, he will play every minute on the occasion of the injury of Roncaglia.

The natural athlete from El Campello would like to extend his professional career as much as possible: “footballers are privileged; we have good working hours and salary, although we give up many things, and people don't appreciate that. I hope I stay a long time” .

“I am passionate about my career as a physiotherapist and I hope it will allow me to stay linked to the sport when I retire. It is an option that I have in mind, but I would also like to continue in the world of football “and also” start a business “.

Of his friendship with Lucas Torró, highlights the ability to “get along” that both show in the kitchen: “I enjoy it a lot, and there is nothing better than preparing a good dish for your people.”

“He cooks very well. I'm just starting out and his experience is a degree, but don't let him relax, I'll catch him right away,” he comments about one of his favorite foods, paella.

The Argentinian Chimy Ávila could have minutes again tomorrow in the friendly match against Eibar, 14 months after his injury, something his partner celebrates with enthusiasm: “He has worked hard, has enviable physical conditions, and I think he is prepared. We are very happy. “