Nacho Palau announces the best news after his cancer treatment: “Yes, I’m cured”

Nacho Palau has given us the great news on Wednesday: after a few turbulent months, the former de Miguel Bose He has overcome lung cancer. The Valencian sculptor has been in charge of telling it through his Instagram profile, where he accumulates more than 90,000 followers who are happy with his achievements.

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“Yes, I am cured. I am very happy and grateful for the many expressions of affection. Little by little I am recovering strength and the desire to do thousands of things. A very strong kiss and I will tell you about it,” he recounted along with a photograph in the one that appears smiling. It is not for less.

After returning from the island of Honduras last summer and after spending several days in the hospital and suffering from various ailments, he was diagnosed with lung cancer. They have not been easy months. At home he has had and has the support of his Chilean boyfriend, cristian villelaand also with his mother’s, Lola Medinawho also suffered from the same type of cancer.

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Everyone has helped her during this time to take care of her children, Yvo y Telmowhich are biological of him. Diego y Thaddeus, Bosé’s biologicals, live with their father in Mexico. However, the little ones meet in summer periods. The singer has also shown his ex all his support, as Palau himself confirmed. In difficult times, respect and humanity are above his judicial problems. As we anticipated exclusively on March 15, on Sunday the 12th both were together with little Yvo and Telmo.