Nacho Cano remembers his six years of love with Penélope Cruz and reveals what he told her as soon as he met her

This Monday, May 22, the interview of Nacho Cano con Bertin Osborne in Telecinco. The composer spoke of Mecano, of the separation from him, of how the relationship with his brother was twisted, Jose Mariaand also of Penelope Cruzwith whom he had an intense courtship for a little over five years.

The one from Alcobendas crossed his path thanks to the video clip of The force of Destinywhich was released in 1988, when Pe was only 14 years old and he was 25. The young Penelope became the chosen one: “I wanted to make the video for The force of Destiny and a friend of mine told me that he did it to me. He did a casting of young girls that was starting and Penelope appeared.”

As soon as he saw her, Nacho had a great feeling. So much so that he dared to let go: “You are going to be the most important actress in the world.” He was not wrong… The video clip became a success, like the song, one of the most mythical of the group. The rest… is history.

Cano and Cruz began a courtship and after the separation from Mecano they decided to put land in the middle and try their luck together in the United States. “We spent about six years (…) When Mecano finished, we went to live in the United States, there she began to make her moves in Los Angeles and I have affection, respect and admiration for her. We get along very well.”

So many years after the end of that love story, Nacho only has good words for her and for everything she has achieved as our most international actress: “Everything she has has been earned by her with tremendous effort, a girl who comes one A very humble family learned English when we went to New York with one who was the assistant I made him a teacher and he has great merit, he is an example”.

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Nacho Cano, in recent years, has become news due to his affinity with Isabel Díaz Ayuso, the president of the Community of Madrid. He was recognized with the medal for Art and Culture in 2021 and in 2020, after coming out of confinement, he played at the end of the year at Puerta del Sol. They have also shared time in Ibiza, where he has acted as host. Currently he presents at Ifema (Madrid) Malinchehis new musical.

the cano brothers

In another order of things, Nacho opened up about the end of Mecano and the complicated relationship he had with his brother as a result of the fame that the emblematic group achieved.

“We lived in the same room, he was the one who introduced me to music. We had a good brotherly relationship, getting along very well, until the group’s fame came and with that everything began to complicate (…) We loved each other very much and we got along well, that this is something that was no longer the case,” he lamented.

With nostalgia, he also remembered the beginnings of Mecano and how they met Ana Torroja: “We lived in Río Rosas (Madrid) and Ana in Raimundo Fernández Villaverde, and she was Jose’s young girlfriend. She sang, she made little voices, she was shy… and that’s how we started”.