Nacho Cano arrested for allegedly hiring illegal immigrants for his musical

Composer and former member of Mecano Nacho Cano was arrested on Tuesday, July 9, following complaints from foreign citizens to the National Police who allege that he is the alleged perpetrator of a crime against the rights of immigrants and workers, according to the SER network.

The arrest took place this morning in the Centro district of the capital, accused of a crime against workers’ rights and promoting illegal immigration in the hiring of employees for his show. Malinche. After being arrested and taken to the Centro police station, he made a statement to the officers and was released pending a summons by the judicial authorities.

His musical has been on the bill since September 2022. Among the admirers of his work is his friend Isabel Díaz Ayuso, president of the community of Madrid, who has always shown her unconditional support for the composer. So close is the friendship between the two that the president of Madrid traveled to Ibiza a few months ago to accompany the artist at the premiere of Ibiza Hippie Heavenat the Pereyra Theatre. And years ago, in the summer of 2021, they spent a few days together on the Balearic island, where Nacho owns a house.

The controversy of imperialism

Your show Malinche has not been immune to controversy. Neither has the alma mater of Mecano. In the promotion of the second season of the show, Nacho declared The country: “This dictatorship of thought that we live in is very similar to Franco.” A phrase that raised blisters on the networks. About his musical, he even admitted that it whitewashes imperialism because it tries to “bring out the good part of history.” And he added: “There are a lot of people who take care of the bad.” About his relationship with Ayuso, of whom he said that she is “the savior of Spain,” the musician stressed: “Now it seems that you have to think, speak and act as some people say.” And he finished: “At this moment, she is the only person who gives me guarantees.” The most critical of him, the actor Carlos Bardem and the writer and screenwriter Bob Pop. Carlos spoke of revisionism brother-in-lawayusista by Nacho Cano and Bob Pop: “Now I just want Nacho Cano to explain colonialism to me.”