If last week a report put 41 people dead in Liverpool due to Liverpool-Atlético due to coronavirus, today the Daily Mail it gives that number names and surnames. Those of Richard Mawson. His widow and son ask the British Government for explanations for his death due to this disease because, for them, the contagion has a date and a place: Anfield, March 11.

“Obviously, the coronavirus was already spreading in the country, but when the government takes a position and says that everything is fine and that you can go… For the fan it is passion, it follows it from long ago, and you do what the Government tells you. According to the Government, everything was fine, but the following week they decided to establish containment, “confessed his widow in the Daily Mail. Her son Jamie goes further with a percentage: “TI understand when he developed the symptoms, when he really got sick and when he died, I'm 99% sure he caught it in the game

Athletic Shield / Flag

Hard criticism against the celebration of the match with the public

The truth is that Liverpool-Atlético has been in the crosshairs since the day it was played. While other matches of that round of 16 of the Champions League were played behind closed doors (Valencia-Atalanta), due to the spread of the disease throughout Europe, the open doors and the permission for the fans to enter this match in Anfield, and the permission for 3,000 fans to travel from Spain, which would declare a state of alarm just three days later, It is a decision strongly criticized from Madrid (Mayor Martínez Almeida) and Liverpool itself (director of health, authorities, studies …). All always with the same veiled thought between the teeth. “It shouldn't have been allowed.”

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