Mike Trout and Cody Bellinger
Mike Trout and Cody Bellinger

You must have surely heard the name of Cory Latimer the Washington Redskins receiver. But it will be a little shocking and surprising for all the fans and supporters of Cody Latimer now as he is on the arrest. Yes, Cody Latimer was arrested on Saturday only after positively charging for multiple felonies. You should have a look at the allegations that impose against his will of freedom and they are absolutely stunning.

Cody Latimer Threatens To ‘Kill Everyone’ At Poker Game

Things went literally sideways too quickly for Cody Latimer when he was at a poker game in Colorado. If we look at the police reports of Douglas County Sheriff’s Dept. Then Cody Latimer was allegedly threatening to kill everyone at the poker game. But what makes things worse is the two that Cody did fire off during an altercation.

As per the reports, Cody Latimer was drinking alcohol with another player at a poker game before he gets into all of it. Roderick English who did host the poker game at his own apartment kicks everyone out of it. But 30 minutes later, Cody Latimer was again at the door of Roderick English’s apartment. It is believable that Latimer and English were best friends and somehow Roderick feels responsible for the altercation.

After that, everything went on bad for English as Latimer did pull out a handgun. In his testimony, Roderick says that Latimer did save two bullets which were probably one for English and another for his girlfriend. Then, Latimer did threaten to kill everyone and did fire two shots. Fortunately, the shots did not hurt anyone but later on, Latimer struck the gun on Roderick’s head.

Currently, Cody Latimer has charged for three felonies and two misdemeanors due to the unthinkable incident. Not even Roderick English, Latimer’s best friend, may have thought that he would do such a thing. The following are the charges that Cody Latimer may have to face.

  • Assault in the second degree, a class 4 felony
  • Menacing, a class 5 felony
  • Illegal discharge of a firearm, a class 5 felony
  • Prohibited use of weapons, a class 2 misdemeanor
  • Reckless endangerment, a class 3 misdemeanor.


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