Mussolini's great-grandson makes the leap to Lazio's subsidiary team

Lazio signed a Mussolini. Romano Floriani Mussolini, son of Alessandra Mussolini, granddaughter of the 'Duce', and Mauro Floriani plays at the club in the Italian capital, whose ultras are famous for their far-right ideology. The footballer just turned 18 and works as a winger. His name appeared in the last match of the Primavera championship between Lazio and Juve, which the Bianconeri won 2-0. He stayed on the bench and this was his second call-up with the most important team of the biancoceleste quarry.

His surname, obviously, caused a lot of stir in a club that often ends up being the center of controversy due to the fascist tradition of its radical fans, but the boy, according to the Italian media, “is not interested in politics and is focused on him. soccer”.

His journey began on the other side of the capital: Lazio signed him in 2016, when he was 13 years old and he was a member of the Roma “giovanissimi” team.. The mother, Alessandra Mussolini, known in Italy as a politician and television personality, did not want to comment on the matter: “I prefer to stay out of this issue. My son does not want me to get involved in his life and things.”