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Music and soccer unite at ‘LaLigaSantander Fest’ to face COVID-19

Gabby Barker



Next Saturday, March 28, 20 LaLiga Santander players and 20 great artists, among whom Alejandro Sanz, David Bisbal, Aitana, Sebastián Yatra and Antonio Orozco are already confirmed, will participate in ‘LaLigaSantander Fest’.
This charity festival aims to raise funds to obtain medical supplies for the fight against the Coronavirus, in addition to sending forces to fans during this period of quarantine.

LaLiga continues its mission to make us as easy as possible these days when we must all stay at home. Thus, he never ceases to amaze us with the launch of new initiatives within his campaign ‘LaLiga is played at home’. After the success reaped in #LaLigaSantanderChallenge, the virtual challenge that the influencer Ibai Llanos launched to clubs in the form of a FIFA20 tournament and which raised over 142,000 euros for UNICEF in the fight against COVID-19, arrives ‘LaLigaSantander Fest’. The concert will be held next Saturday, February 28, at 6:00 p.m.. It will be broadcast simultaneously in all countries of the world through all LaLiga channels, the LaLigaSportsTV platform, the Movistar LaLiga channel and the signal of all international broadcasters who wish to do so.

After the extension of the state of alarm, for which the Spanish must stay at home, at least, for three more weeks, all these leisure proposals come as breaths of fresh air. Being aware of this, in LaLiga they have launched this idea in collaboration with Banco Santander, Universal Music, GTS and the rest of their sponsors. Without forgetting, of course, the important role that players, clubs and artists play in this team. Together, they have managed to organize the first charity festival with a global impact, the purpose of which is to raise funds to acquire the necessary products to face the pandemic that our country is also suffering.

In this solidary virtual macroconcert they will participate 20 players from LaLiga Santander teams, who have not hesitated for a moment to join this initiative. And, next to them, they will be 20 national and international artists of the size of Alejandro Sanz, David Bisbal, Aitana, Sebastián Yatra or Antonio Orozco. These are the first names confirmed, but we will meet the other artists who will lend their voice to this cause throughout the week, through LaLiga's social networks and the profiles of the artists and players themselves. Of course, all of them will participate in this ‘LaLigaSantander Fest’ from their respective homes.

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The donations can be done through Santander Foundation, through different routes that will be confirmed soon, before the recital begins. The money collected will be channeled according to the health priorities set by the Government, in coordination with the Higher Sports Council (CSD).

“With this project something very curious has happened to us and that is that, to all those to whom we have spoken about it, they have wanted to join. From LaLiga we are happy to see the response of all the agents involved: clubs, players, artists and sponsors who, from the first moment, have turned to the initiative. Without forgetting, of course, Universal, because they have gone out of their way and, together, we have made it possible. The passion, dedication and enthusiasm that all the participants have shown have been key to this ”, he assured. Óscar Mayo, Director of Business, Marketing and International Development of LaLiga.

‘LaLigaSantander Fest’ will be held next Saturday and will be broadcast worldwide through the channels of LaLiga, LaLigaSportsTV, Movistar LaLiga and the signal of its international broadcasters

As explained by Mayo, the LaLiga sponsors: Santander, PUMA, EAsports, Budweiser, Rexona, BKT, LiveScore, Clear, El Corte Inglés, Samsung, Panini, Sportium, Deliveroo, Allianz, STIHL, Mazda, Danone, Marqués del Atrio, VITALDENT , Mailboxes and RENFE have also joined this initiative, to which they have lent their support from the beginning.

“It is our duty to take advantage of the capacity we have to reach so many people to make fans aware of the importance of staying home. We do not want to stop supporting and encouraging people and we believe that offering entertainment with the illusion of this solidarity approach will make us more bearable this third weekend, ”says Óscar Mayo. All in all, LaLiga adds another grain of sand to make the quarantine more pleasant for all its fans and, at the same time, to continue insisting on the importance of not going outside to end this situation as soon as possible.

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