If one accesses the Bayern Store on Marianplatz in Munich, now less crowded for pandemic issues, and goes down to the basement, bumps into perfect mannequins of Robert Lewandowski y Thomas Müller. The first represents the elegant touch of Bayern, the silent killer. Müller is the killer with the bloody eyes, the one who plays with the knife between his teeth. The footballer clumsy in manners, but with absolute efficiency, who at 32 years of age lives in a permanent vindication. He cannot bear that Bayern have been robbed, in his opinion, of two Ballons d’Or: 2013, which until the end seemed to have engraved the name of Riverside. And these last two, one deserted and the other for Messi, which seemed to be owned by Lewandowski. “I was not surprised by the decision. This is also a great motivation for me, to do everything possible and try to bring the Champions League to Munich and show the world what is happening. The next opportunity to show it is next Wednesday in the game against Barça. Let’s tackle it! “, he threatened.

Photo de Müller

On the opposite side of Müller, Memphis Depay. “It’s the last chance, like a final. Mentally, you have to prepare well.” At least you know what is at stake. Now he has to change his performance in the Champions League from top to bottom in order to help Barça qualify for the second round. The numbers are against the Dutch. His performance in this Champions League is on the ground. Memphis, zero goals in Europe, has shot once per game in the five rounds of the group stage. The data contrasts with his numbers in the League, where he makes three attempts each day. With the selection of Netherlands, those numbers skyrocket. He has made up to six kicks per game with the Orange in the qualifying round.

Photo de Depay

His record against Bayern is not in his favor either. He has faced Bayern twice in his career. Both times he lost 0-3. The truth is that Memphis is too lonely at Barça. He arrived with high expectations. He has not fulfilled all of them but in the League he is the only striker who is in decent numbers. The only one, in addition, who is not injured and plays practically everything. Absences like those of Dembélé or Ansu make him easy prey. Especially in big matches. Memphis has been unable to score goals against Madrid, Atlético, Benfica and Bayern. Today that nobody believes in him has a chance.