The Hispanic-Venezuelan tennis player Garbiñe Muguruza was very satisfied after getting the ticket for the final of the teachers’ tournament, which is being played in Guadalajara (Mexico) and assured that she played her “best match” against Paula Badosa in the semifinal round (6-3 and 6-3).

“It is my best game -by far- that I have played here in Guadalajara. I am already a finalist because I just got it, but it has been a very difficult game against Paula Badosa. We had never faced each other and that puts an extra nervousness. in the final of a very exclusive tournament that is so difficult to achieve. I am already thinking of the final, “Muguruza said at the post-match press conference.

“This tournament I put at the same level as a ‘Grand Slam’ because there are eight players and each match is like a final. It is a job that I have done for a long time and you do not know when you can get a tournament like this. Now I am in a good position to hit the final blow tomorrow and go home with a super season, “he analyzed.

“Hopefully it will be me who will get it,” added Muguruza, who asked for encouragement and support from the Spanish fans. “My difference from before and now are the years of experience, my composure when facing the moments. There is no shortcut to achieve it and that is learned with age and experience,” he snapped.

“Now I feel more prepared to know how to handle myself better. Today I have played very well, I have progressed little by little and I have suffered in the first games to have a better feeling today. I have been restrained out of respect for Paula and because It did not seem appropriate to celebrate it. I have one more game left, it will be very difficult but I want to be focused and not let myself go at any time, “he said.

“Favorite? I can be it from the paper or from the television, there the same yes, but I do not see it that way. There are no favorites here. For the moment, whoever it is, we will see what happens,” concluded Muguruza, who praised the “big year” of his victim this Tuesday.

“I think it is an accumulation of everything, Paula has had a spectacular year and she has to be happy with her progression. Now it is a tough moment, she has been about to get the final, but she has to go on vacation with good feelings because already is in the ‘top ten’ world “, settled Muguruza.