Movistar Plus+ maintains its commitment to biographical documentaries of Spanish celebrities. Telefónica’s platform triumphed with the docuseries about Lola Flores and has continued with Raphael, Jose Maria Garcia o Miguel Bose as protagonists.

David Bisbal o C. Tangana They will also have a documentary on Movistar Plus+, which has a series about the actress ready for premiere Lina Morgan. The production company 100 Balas (Mediapro), with part of the team from Lolawill delve into the biography of this performer who died in August 2015 due to pneumonia when she was almost 80 years old.

María de los Ángeles López Segovia, real name of the protagonist of ‘The Silly Boat’, was born in Madrid in the middle of the Civil War. At just 11 years old and in a Spain destroyed by the post-war period, she had to leave school to help the battered family economy. She did it by collecting empty glass bottles or cartons.

As time went by, the young Dickensian managed to join the Colsada magazines of the theater businessman Matías Yáñez Jiménezknown as Matías Colsada and in the late 50s he managed to make a name for himself in the world of entertainment.

A life dedicated to his career

Lina Morgan triumphed in the cinema with Single and mother in life y The fool in the boatswept the theater with works like Light blue… it’s not a colorbroke audiometers with ‘Hostal Royal Manzanares’ and took over the deeds of Teatro La Latina.

All these triumphs will be x-rayed by Movistar Plus+, which “will flee from sensationalism”, as sources close to the platform point out, but it will walk the path that the TVE program Blood ties He began touring last year with a program about his life.

His life path, full of lights and shadows, was marked by his work, his great love according to Norma Duval: “He sacrificed his life for his career, he sacrificed his life to have this theater, he sacrificed his life for success and he sacrificed his life for be Lina Morgan.”

Being single, without children and with hardly any known loves (she dated the actor Manolo Zarzo) made her the subject of a rumor that she was a lesbian, a taboo subject at the time and one that could ruin an artist’s career.

Be that as it may, the truth is that the person who most marked her life was not a love, but her brother, manager and confidant José Luis, who with his death in 1995 left her “very alone”, according to those close to her. actress.

The mistery

Monica Bridgewho shared the poster with her with Hostal Royal Manzanareshe assured in Blood ties that “the biggest mystery is whether she was bisexual or not. I spent three years day in and day out with Lina Morgan and I can’t answer that question. She told me that her great love was a man.”

Eva Hache He concluded: “I also don’t think it was very easy to defend lesbianism when it was so frowned upon.” But his biographer Jesús García Orts affirms that he “fell in love many times” with men. “He fell in love at least four times and then had a crush on her. I think the best thing about Lina is what is not known,” says the writer who he believes Manolo Zarzo y Jose Sacristan They were some of his loves.

García Ortz believes that his great impossible love was the bullfighting businessman Jose Antonio Martinez Uranga, who was married. “At that time all the starlets had a married man in their life, what happened was that he didn’t mention it.”

Your driver and universal heir Daniel Pontes confirms the relationship: “He has always carried his photograph in his wallet.” The driver says that Martínez Uranga, who was manager of Las Ventas and Paquirri’s manager, invited her to go live with her in America, but Lina Morgan rejected her offer.


Jesus García Ortsauthor of the book From Angelines to Your Excellency Lady (Editorial ECU), assures that Morgan was very secretive “for taking care of herself and her family. She considered that she did not have to tell those things to her. She is one of the few actresses who has been on the cover of gossip magazines just for her work. Also, I didn’t want to hurt third parties either.

Famous was the actress’s decision not to inform the press about her brother’s death: “José Luis’s life belonged to him, he was not famous. The three siblings: Julia, José Luis and Lina were inseparable and had, Regarding these issues, a similar way of thinking. What Lina did was defend her brother’s privacy. Lina loved José Luis very much and did not assimilate his death well. And she wanted to go through the process in private.”

About the inheritance that Pontes received, García Orts explained to David Gonzalez in The Digital Closure that he “is the person in charge as legal guardian of deciding for her. Although he had not just come into her life, he appears in (year) 84. He was a taxi driver and was in charge of taking Lina’s mother from the theater every night home. Daniel came in as José Luis’s driver and secretary.”

Other loves

The biographer says that his first love was “a boy from a good family who had an appliance store in Callao. His family was against the relationship because, at that time, starlets had a bad reputation. Years later, when Lina became very famous and signed an advertising contract with Philips, in this family’s store they placed a giant figure of Lina herself.

And she states that “her last love was the producer Julián Esteban, who hired her as the star of four films. He gave her many gifts, including a lynx coat, valued at 3 million pesetas, and a car,”

“She never wanted to live with them so as not to break up a family. It sounds contradictory, but she was a very religious woman with a conservative background. Martínez Uranga even offered to offer them both to settle in America, but she refused. Beyond these stories she maintained an affair with an Atlético de Madrid player who in the end married another woman and Gustavo Biosca, according to Jesús Mariñas,” he adds.

The conservative view of life was refuted by Juan Luis Galiachowho says that she told her friends that she wanted “everything in jewelry and bullion, so the reds won’t come and take everything. That way they can’t take it from me. I can hide it and take it out whenever I want.”

According to the Property Registry, his only property at the time of his death was the almost 300 square meter apartment in which he lived, located next to the Retiro, since the La Latina theater sold it four years before he died for 6, 5 million euros that, for the most part, ended up in the pocket of his driver, Daniel Pontes.