Movistar Plus bets on Alaska to star in its star docuseries for the next season

The Telefónica platform will announce in the coming days the keys to this project that will have the participation of Mario Vaquerizo, Bibiana Fernández or Víctor Sandoval. Movistar Plus is finalizing its assets for the next season a few days before saying goodbye to its most emblematic format in recent years, The resistancewhat with David Broncano At the front he leaves on his way to Televisión Española (as we announced several months ago).

Sources close to Movistar Plus+ assure Informalia that the Telefónica platform is preparing a new multi-chapter docuseries starring Oblivion Garabetter known as Alaska. With this project, Movistar Plus+ maintains its commitment to true crime and the docuseries starring celebrities. After the success in 2021 of Lola (dedicated to La Faraona), the company has launched Locomía, Raphaelismo, Bosé, Bisbal, SuperGarcía or the newly released Linajust as we advance in this portal.

The platform has also renewed the comedy Muertos SL of the Caballero brothers (The one that is coming), prepares a ‘dramedy’ inspired by some celebrities who have faced the Treasury as Shakira (the Serie Celeste), and will premiere a cinematographic strategy with several original films that will go to movie theaters (signed by Icíar Bollaín, Rodrigo Sorogoyen, Alberto Rodríguez, Óliver Laxe and Ana Rujas).

Alaska Superstar

In the coming days, Movistar Plus+ will announce the main keys to this project which, according to industry sources, will offer “a positive tone” and will feature the participation of the protagonist herself, Alaska.

Miguel Bosé, Raphael or José María García They have already participated in their own projects, which could sweeten their life portraits, and in this case it is planned that her husband Mario Vaquerizo, her mother will participate alongside the singer. Young Americaseveral members of the group Las Blonde Nancys and close friends such as Bibiana Fernández and Víctor Sandoval.

45 years with Alaska

The docuseries will delve into the first steps of the singer, born in Mexico City in 1963, and her professional beginnings when she was just 14 years old as a guitarist in the group. Kaka de Luxewhich emerged in 1977, and later as singer and lyricist of Alaska and the Pegamoidswhich was born in 1979.

‘Chica Almodóvar’ for her memorable role in Pepi, Luci, Boom and other girls of the bunchand a social gathering of the heart with Federico Jiménez Losantos, Alaska has had more than four decades of career in which she has had hits like Who cares, Neither you nor anyone, I don’t know what you give me, Bloody pearls, Twisting words, Dramas and comedies, Absolute momentism or I watch life go by. Their groups Alaska and the Pegamoids, Alaska and Dinarama or Fangoria They will also be analyzed by this documentary that will delve into the Movida, the singer’s love for history or her ‘addiction’ to collecting.

Alaska’s television facet will also be remembered for its time in formats such as the cultural format The Golden Agethe mythical children’s space The Cristal ball (in which she served as co-presenter) or the contest Meteor shower (in which he participated as a member of the jury).

The ‘Mexican Hurricane’ has also been talked about in the gossip press for his controversial relationship with Mario Vaquerizo. The couple, against all odds and Rappel’s predictions, has been married for 25 years after getting married in Las Vegas in 1999.

Controversies aside

Very controversial was the 2012 article signed by the late activist Shangay Lili in Public under the title “Mario Vaquerizo and the Pride of the PP” about Alaska’s husband. “Vaquerizo perfectly represents the type of gay that the PP wants to impose: repressed, married to a woman, submissive, funny jester and accomplice of the homophobic Church. An absurdigay, wow,” said the author of the book Goodbye Chueca. “That is the game that opportunists like Mario Vaquerizo play: collaborationists who look the other way when Christofascists harass, persecute or humiliate anyone who does not submit to their hypocrisy. This attempt to pass off their support for the media as mere amusing frivolity ultrahomophobes like COPE or hate gurus like Cristina López Schlichting or Losantos, it is a profitable business,” he added.

Politics has affected Vaquerizo due to his far-right winks and the alleged favorable treatment he receives from the administrations managed by the Popular Party (which made him the image of Madrid in a controversial advertisement). The policy also bothers Alaska, which last year denied Vanity Fair have become “in a right-wing lady”: “No. But not progressive either. We are talking in terms of the 19th century. What century are we in? Things work differently. I don’t want to conserve anything. And look, I’m like an antiques dealer, and everything seems wonderful to me. that has already existed. But it is not my end in life. I am not a leftist lady either.

“I’m a faggot. But that’s very unfair, because there would be a lot of gays who don’t like me. When Nacho (Canut) and I were little there was a kind of cultural nods that we all understood. Nowadays, when everything is talked about, there are radical gays from the right, from the left, apolitical, who like hard rock. It is absurd to think that people like a rock. type of music because of its sexual orientation. We should start to overcome it,” the singer pointed out.

The interpreter of Who cares assures that he has lived “40 years without thinking about labels and I’m a little bit fed up with the fact that now everything is left or right. The world is something else. The world is Bowie. I don’t know what Bowie voted for! I don’t even know I don’t care. Or Warhol. I imagine that one year the same thing and the next year, the opposite. Which is what I might like most about Warhol.

The singer once acted as a fervent anti-bullfighting activist, starring in a naked advertisement for the PETA association in 2008, and in recent times she has received criticism on social networks for her silence in the face of some of her boss’s excesses. Federico Jiménez Losantos.