José Mourinho became, dismissal of Pochettino by means of, the main actor of the 'All or nothing: Tottenham Hotspur'. In the documentary we can find all kinds of anecdotes and remarkable dialectical crossovers: Dele Alli, Danny Rose … However, there is a phrase that perfectly defines the feeling that the Portuguese coach had for his newly released, at that time , team. As “a bunch of good guys,” he rated his players. But he intended that, “for 90 minutes”, they were “a bunch of cab …”. Bad boys, well, softening what the ellipsis hide. Well, in a Tottenham where the lights are taken by others (Karry Kane, Heung-Min Son, Gareth Bale …), there is a player arrived this summer who is one of the biggest culprits of this 'dirty' face to which the set has been subjected Spur: Pierre-Emile Höjbjerg.

Tottenham Shield / Flag

The Danish midfielder represents the hunger for the end without caring too much about the means that Mou intended to instill in his boys (“this is going to be happy with the final result,” said Setúbal's in one of the chapters) in the talks that the documentary light up. “We want it to be unpleasant to play against us,” Höjberg said. Arsenal legend Martin Keown during his time at Southampton. From those words the type of player that is the one from Copenhagen is extracted: win, win and win again, that Luis Aragonés would say.

The once captain of the Saints considered that his stage in Southampton had come to an end and refused to renew, a fact that would cost him the bracelet. In this way, a bid to do with his services began, between City and Tottenham mainly, which the Londoners would end up winning, 17 million euros through. Keown, now a contributor to Daily Mail, reels off the beginning of the season for the midfielder, key to the good progress of the team.

The change places them among the nobility

Yes Tottenham sinned from 'chivalry' in the past, they now present a much more aggressive version: they accumulate 96 more fouls with Mou in his first 34 games leading the team what with Pochettino in his 34 finals. In this change, Höjbjerg is essential: sixth player with the most tackles made in the Premier (24) and ninth in fouls committed (14). In both categories he leads about Spursuit that third of the Premier would march, after Liverpool and City, if only we took into account the crashes led by his now technician.

However, it would not be fair for the Dane to highlight only his destructive part, since the creative football of the team passes through his boots. His 585 passes completed, and 659 attempted, place him at the top of the competition., ahead of Michael Keane (Everton). As well as he is the third in starts leading to a goal (11), after Kevin de Bruyne and N´Golo Kanté (12). Wearing the overalls is at odds with the love for the ball, as shown by a Höjberg who has played literally everything.

Shield / Flag M. City

Its destructive and constructor role faces a tough test, Manchester City (DAZN, 6:30 p.m.). Guardiola's men visit the Spur stadium with the intention of reversing the bad league situation and ending the positive streak of Mourinho and his men: Tottenham are second with 17 points, City tenth with 12 (although with one game less). Off the pitch, Mourinho already contributed his verbal dose, with Pep's response, to the meeting, with Sterling as the guiding thread of his attack. Inside, it will be Höjbjerg, his bad boy, who tries to short-circuit the skyblue.


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