Jose Mourinho, technician of Tottenham and good friend of Diego Armando Maradona, had some loving words about the Argentine star, with whom he maintained a good relationship.

“Is Maradona and is Diego. No need to talk about Maradona because everyone knows him and no one is going to forget him, but Diego was different ”, says the Portuguese coach. “The people who were close, his great friends, those who shared a dressing room with him … those are privileged,” he continues Mou.

“We can continue to watch his football whenever we want, it will always be there, but Diego no longer,” laments the former Madrid coach, who gave details about his relationship with the Argentine star.

“He was a good friend and he had a big, big, big heart. I will miss him and I will miss his calls. He always called me after defeats, never after victories, because in difficult moments he was always there ”, recalls Mou. “He always told me when I lost 'Mou, don't forget you're the best,'” remembers the Portuguese with a smile. “I miss him”.