Morientes has analyzed Hazard’s situation before the Classic. The Belgian comes out of an overload that occurred in the last international break with his team, but it seems that he will reach the game with Barcelona. He has already trained with the group. Real Madrid is still waiting for Hazard’s explosion since he signed him in 2019. The physical problems have weighed down on him and he has not managed to offer a uniform performance over time. Fernando Morientes, former Real Madrid striker believes that Hazard is facing his final season and that Real Madrid could get tired. This is how he explains it in an interview in the Daily Mail.

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“Madrid tend to be very patient with these types of players. We know that Hazard is very good, but there will probably be a time when Real Madrid will have to make a decision. This year is a decisive year, it is crucial for him and he will have to prove his worth. They have waited two years for it to reach its highest level. This year has been a year in which the club, the fans and their teammates expected the best Hazard, but it has not started in the best possible way. Waiting so long for a player who was so good at Chelsea … Real Madrid may have to decide that they will not wait any longer for him, “says the former white striker and now coach.

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Hazard has already missed four Clásicos since joining Real Madrid. Injuries have been a constant for him and Morientes, LaLiga ambassador, regrets that these problems have slowed him down. “It’s a shame that he had a lot of setbacks with injuries and it’s not just something that could happen to Hazard, obviously it would undermine any player not only physically but also mentally,” added Morientes.

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