Sensations “The body that we have left is bad. We are annoyed. We wanted to win. At a collective level we did not play the best game, neither in attack nor in defense. And that is my responsibility. But we reached the end 1-0 without hurry. We even managed make it 2-0, but we didn't. It's the second week that happens to us, we don't make it 2-0 and the game goes away. We have to think about the next game because this doesn't stop. “

Overconfidence. “It was very clear during the week. It is not only what I say but what I do. I knew that the game was complicated. When a team has casualties, like Girona, the level of those who enter is the same or better. You don't know if it is good or bad. If an excess of confidence has been seen from the outside, it has not been consciously. I will take note. All criticism must be accepted. Humility and improvement. “

Defend the 1-0. “The idea was not that. Puado had two occasions and another from Pedrosa that RdT could not finish off. Our idea was to score 2-0 or 3-0. And that circumstance could happen, we made the changes for it. But when You don't score and you're on the wire, these things can happen. But it wasn't the idea, we talked at half-time about making it 2-0.

Errors in attack. “We did not close it because we were not successful in completing three actions. It happened in Fuenlabrada and today, although it did not happen to us in previous games.”

Melendo and his annoyances. “Melendo gives us a lot but it is risky in the final parts of the games that he continues to play because this can happen. We force him because we needed it. He has muscle discomfort. We have to wait. He is an important player and we hope it is nothing.”