The summer pool season in Madrid, which began on May 14 and ended on September 11 without any notable incidents, has sold a total of 2,163,848 tickets, the highest figure in history and an increase of 73% compared to to 2021.

In addition, the increase has reached 90% on weekends, which has been channeled thanks to the incorporation of more QR readers at the entrances to the facilities. In total, a total of 4,166,666 places have been offered compared to 2,453,034 in 2021 (70% more), and the average attendance has reached 52%, reaching 67% on weekends, compared to 51% and 60% of 2021. A total of 34,435 daily places have been offered, compared to 20,273 last year.

Of the tickets sold, 1,341,585, 62%, have corresponded to the afternoon shift, while 822,262, 38%, to the morning shift. In the afternoon shift on weekends, the average occupancy record has been reached with 79%. By age, 48% of the tickets purchased have been for adults, 19% for young people, 17% for the elderly, 8% for children and 8% for children under 5 years old.

2021 and 2022 have been the years in which more pools have been opened in the last eight years. Nineteen of the twenty-two summer pools have been available to the people of Madrid, while from 2015 to 2020 the year that most pools were opened was 17.

By facilities, the most requested by the people of Madrid has been the CDM Casa de Campo swimming pool, which has sold 14% of the total number of tickets, reaching 311,159, an average of 65% of its capacity, followed by Aluche, with 184,083, and San Blas, with 164,278.

By district, Moncloa-Aravaca has been the one that has sold the most pool tickets, with 19% of the total. Arganzuela, meanwhile, has been the district with the highest pool occupancy, with 90% on average, reaching 99% on weekends.

The Delegate Councilor for Sports, Sofía Miranda, was very satisfied with “the great increase in places offered in this hot season in the capital”. “Summer pools have ceased to be a source of conflict and have established themselves as an alternative for the enjoyment of the people of Madrid during the hot months,” she said.

In addition, he thanked the enormous work of all the areas involved, and, above all, “of the citizens, who for the most part have had exemplary behavior in the use and enjoyment of the facilities.”

For the third consecutive year, the Municipal Police has not recorded any serious incidents this season, despite receiving an average of 17,883 daily users in municipal swimming pools, which is a constant in recent years thanks to the shift schedule and the intense work of public employees.

On the other hand, there have been a total of 279 complaints and claims during the summer swimming pool season, 0.012% of the total number of users, which, according to the delegate, allows us to conclude that it has been “a safe season with no notable incidents for the people of Madrid”.