After six games played, the numbers say that Pellegrini's second Betis is very similar to the first. The comparison with last year shows that now three more goals have been scored, since the verdiblancos accumulate ten times the seven they had at this point in 2020. However, this improvement has not come in defense, since, like last season, nine goals have been conceded., with a nuance that indicates that it has slightly worsened.

This nuance is none other than that of Betis has not yet left a clean sheet. In all the games he has received at least one goal, while last season the nine goals were received in only three games, while the other three were closed without picking up the ball from within his own goal.

Shield / Flag Betis

It is clear that the number of goals conceded is a problem that Pellegrini strives to solve. It remains to be seen if the amount of casualties in the rear with which the visit to Osasuna in Pamplona faces allow you to start fixing the mess.