Juanma López, topeople of several Spanish players among them Álvaro Morata, Nacho Fernández, Dani Olmo, Munir or Lazo, spoke on the Guianluca Di Marzio website about the current situation of several of his represented. He clarified how Morata's return to Turin was conceived; the offers that Dani Olmo had and the possibility of Nacho to play in the future in Italy.

Morata and his great moment at Juventus: “Morata has always been Juventus' first choice. The problem, at least in the beginning, was that Atlético just wanted a permanent sale, they wouldn't let it go any other way. Towards the end of the market, however, they had a series of circumstances for which Suárez said yes to the rojiblancos and Álvaro received the green light to go on loan. “

How did the arrival at Juventus come about ?: “Both Andrea Agnelli and Fabio Paratici were crucial. They called him and spoke several times. There was an understanding between them before and there is a great understanding today, they have a good relationship. So it must be said that the Juve director has had a great impact in Álvaro's professional career because already in 2014 he pushed a lot to bring him to Juve “.

Other offers for Morata: “Other Italian teams that have tried to take Morata? Milan and Naples. At the end of the season they will buy him from Atlético, I'm sure.”

Final at Atleti: “I don't regret how it went, I think Atlético found Luis Suárez one of the best forwards in the area. Everyone is happy.”

“If Nacho left Madrid he would go to Italy”

Another of the players that Juanma López represents is the Real Madrid defender, Nacho Fernández: “Nacho is an incredible professional, who grew up at Real Madrid. He has the head of Real Madrid, a winning mentality, and it is no coincidence that Florentino and Zidane do not want to deprive themselves of it. But I tell you that if he left Madrid his first option would be Italy. He really likes the idea of ​​playing in Serie A. “

“Barça looked for Olmo in the past”

Regarding the Spanish international from Leipzig, Juanma López confirmed that last summer he had interesting offers: “Dani Olmo is a versatile player, he knows how to score, he has excellent technique, he is in the Spanish National Team. Can you get to one of the best European clubs? Of course, Barcelona have also looked for him in the past.

He even confirmed that Olmo was very close to Milan: “Boban liked it a lot, he tried for weeks, we also met in Milan. He was in the company of his father, but in the end he chose the player and preferred to continue his growth path in the Bundesliga. “