Monumental anger of Marta López Álamo with ‘Fiesta’ for showing photos of her “when she had anorexia”: “A shame”

The future wife of Kiko Matamoros has not remained silent after Fiesta This Sunday, he will delve into his physical appearance and the aesthetic touch-ups to which he has undergone. The program that presents Emma Garcia He made a comparison of how his body has changed by showing old and recent photos.

Through his Instagram profile, Marta Lopez Alamo She has explained that these images belonged to a stage in which she was ill: “I had anorexia and had gained 20 kg in a month. Those photos you use are from when I had my disorder and after when I was swollen from an ACT recovery process So you should be ashamed to compare to those kinds of photos. That’s what I say.”

Annoyed, the model continued: “And I’ve already told you about the retouching, but of course they don’t take into account that the shape of the face changes me apart from growing, because I had a very serious problem, in addition to the body And that at 14 years old I had a sick face, because I was. When I took 20k I was in a physical process of transition”.

The young woman, who will say “yes, I do” with Matamoros this Friday, June 2, is not annoyed that they comment on her touch-ups but rather that they say “that I look like another person in a pejorative way.” “Luckily I am another person, happy and healthy”, she has concluded her statement on social networks.