The national women’s soccer coach, Montse Tomé, made it clear that now “it is a time to enjoy the victory” after overcoming “many things” and assured that she notices the confidence of the internationals, while she believes that they will realize that everything what has happened “has served a lot” when you have a moment of reflection.

“The truth is that I have always had confidence, I have also always received it from them and well, in football and in high-level competition, winning always gives you something different. Yes, we are happy, we have managed to overcome many things and now We are in a moment of enjoying the victory,” Tomé said at a press conference.

The coach believes that the “positive thing is having overcome the problems, having managed to think about football, changing the focus.” “I also value and reinforce the work of my staff who have been able to remain strong, to help me to be a supportive team and to get inside those heads and hearts so that they were able to think about football and enjoy it,” he warned. .

“I think that makes us stronger. The two games we have played have been competitive, we have managed to win them, which in the elite is what you are valued for,” added Tomé, who has tried to “be close” to his players. and “accompany them in the feelings they had.” “We gave them confidence and they gave us everything and the result is the great game they are capable of playing,” he remarked.

Tomé did not forget that she had experienced her “first time as a coach” and that she transmitted it to the players and that she felt “proud to do it with them.” “Surely when I stop to think or later in the future I will realize that this has served a lot. I feel that I am someone who persists, who trusts in work, who in the face of an adverse situation I try to look forward and be strong , and I am also able to surround myself with professional people who help me and give me strength,” he warned.

“I have been able to get ahead when they already let us get ahead and I think that is a learning experience. Sport has always given me this, that at one moment something bad can happen, but then you overcome it and I think that is the reading. It is to get out going forward, focusing on what is important and on football,” he said.


The Asturian celebrated having experienced “a beautiful atmosphere” and being able to “see the city of Córdoba dedicated to the national team.” “That there are more and more spectators in women’s soccer stadiums is something super positive. They deserve it, they have earned it, it was the day they premiered the star in Spain and we are very happy to have been able to do it like this and with so many people” , he indicated.

“It is a pride to see the stands full, shouting and cheering for these players, watching the football they play, they have finished the game and have given a lap of recognition and gratitude to all the people who have come,” said the coach.

The coach stressed that in the first half they tried to “impose intensity and start strong”, but that Switzerland was “fresher” and held up “better”. “We had chances, but we couldn’t increase the advantage and in the second half we improved the positioning in the opposite field, the circulation was faster, everything they executed had higher quality and greater effectiveness,” she stressed.

“Of course I want to value and highlight the activity of all the players, those who have participated who have given one hundred percent, those who have entered later and also those who have not had the opportunity to play because of the professionalism that all these have shown. days, both I and my coaching staff feel proud of them. It has been complex, but this reinforces us for the response they have given,” he added.

Regarding Alexia Putellas, he explained that she played “a very complete game. “She is a player that we know well, who has a very high ambition and ability, above all she is an ambitious player, a winner, with talent, with a desire to learn and this too It is something that must be valued, that players with a level and who have been in the elite for some time maintain the desire to learn,” he admitted.

Finally, he referred to the RFEF project to narrate this match for blind people. “I am very happy that this project is underway and that all the people who want to be involved in football can be involved,” Tomé congratulated himself.