Monocolor and layering looks, some of the trends for this winter

Winter colors don’t have to be boring. Fortunately, at ModWaveMovement they think the same and have used this season to remind us that you can always stand out from the crowd and make noise (the good one).

MWM is a brand of streetwear and fashion skater who opts for the most groundbreaking, unisex designs and with the most striking prints. Garments that lend themselves to combining different colors and patterns; but if monochrome looks in full color are your thing, MWM is also your perfect ally.

The layering is the key to surviving the coldest times of the year and read well: this does not mean sacrificing your style. Choose two colors, use one as the main base and the other to put the note of contrast to your outfit. These types of combinations work very well and make the garments enhance each other.

If you are one of the monochrome looks team, MWM can help you too. The trick is to play with textures and patterns and have a keen eye for key pieces. The result is balanced and powerful, perfect for highlighting.