Had said Victor Mollejo the day of your presentation that you accepted the offer of the Tenerife because i wanted “feel useful again”. And so much that it is. He was the last to arrive and a few days later he made his debut as a blue and white and in his second game he was already a starter. “I came to contribute things and hopefully that together we can continue this path with a firm step”said the attacker in the club's official media.

“It started very well. Before I arrived, the start was very good and afterwards we have achieved two victories in a row” to add eleven of the 15 points at stake. “We have deserved it,” he stressed. “We have worked for it and they are already in our pocket,” he said.

Of course, the only player on loan (by Atlético de Madrid), he does not want to rest on his laurels. “We must continue working as we have been doing in these five games and time will tell where we can be and where we cannot be”Said the footballer who wants to remain so firm, “but bad times will come and we have to be strong there,” he warned.

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Mollejo is clear that at the moment Ramis's proposals are working. “What he asks of us we are translating on the field of play, and although things do not always turn out, we are doing very well and we want to continue like this,” he said.

Looking ahead, expect another good atmosphere in the stands of Heliodoro to receive Mirandés. “We ask you to join us at this good time. People are pressing and the stadium has to be a fort to get the points,” he concluded.

On the other hand, Aitor Sanz has already gradually joined the group exercises and although his presence on Sunday before him Mirandés It seems very complicated, the evolution of the Madrilenian is good and is on schedule. The captain was injured on the first match against him Fuenlabrada, The 15th of August.

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