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Molano 'tripite', Quintana enthuses from Europe and the duel Bernal-Higuita sets Tour Colombia on fire

Gabby Barker






Juan Sebastin Molano won his third sprint victory at Tour Colombia. The country had already eaten breakfast the main course, transmitted from Europe: the triumph of Nairo Quintana in Mont Ventoux. Today the Colombian race ends with a terrifying stage.

The leader of the Tour Colombia, Higuita (3), marks Bernal, at Carapaz's wheel in the fifth stage of the round.

The transit of the fifth stage of the Tour Colombia between Paipa and Zipaquir meant the abandonment of the department of Boyac that had sustained the race so far, where Nairo Quintana and Supermn Lpez – both absent – remain the public's favorites. He arrived, after 180 kilometers 'pestoso', to the city of Cundinamarca that saw Egan Bernal being born 23 years ago, one month and two days ago. The cradle, also, of the first great champion of the country, Efran Forero.

The sprinter Juan Sebastin Molano He won his third sprint victory and placed UAE Emirates with 10 wins in a month of races. Paipa's sprinter played his cards with intelligence. The long final straight in Zipaquir taught that The Deceuninck Quick Step has a range of available tactics to seek success with his fast man, lvaro Hodeg, but that None works for him. Alaphilippe and Jungels accelerated and stood out a few meters from the peloton launched, but the magnificent Max Richeze was responsible for closing the gap and Molano, who I let Hodeg pass within 100 meters, you pass it right in the final line.


As the result of sprint was as predictable as the escape of eight (the repetitive Pellaud, Duarte, Chapalud, Quiroz, Surez, Pedraza, Maestri and Guam) I was not going to have more than intermediate sprints in plain and third and fourth ports, media attention during the transfer focused more on what happens in Europe.

One of the buses that moved to the Colombian national press – foreign journalists traveled in another – had to stop to see the last kilometer of the third stage of the Tour de Provence, ending in the Chalet Reynard (the first 10 kilometers of Mont Ventoux). Journalists follow the television broadcast through mobile phones, but the connection was cut with the movement. Driver, stop the machine, we want to see Nairo without interruptions! The driver obeyed and the joy overflowed until arriving in Zipaquir.


Nairo Quintana crossed the victorious and solo goal after a magnificent performance in the last seven kilometers, finishing off the hunting work that his companions had offered him Bouet, Barguil and his compadre Winner Anacona, also fled from the Movistar Team. The salary paid by Arkea Samsic begins to receive return. In Boyac we have already seen a large number of cyclists dressed in the jersey that the Cmbita climber is now wearing, 30 years old.

In the social networks they broke cataracts of happy phrases of just celebration and also very high sentences with little knowledge. Suddenly, Nairo is again favorite to win the Tour. Last year at the top of Las Palmas (February 17, Monday will be the exact year) also won the stage in a fight without quarter against Miguel Angel Lpez, who took that edition of Tour Colombia in Antioquia. Neither Nairo was for the remains nor is he now infinitely superior to Egan Bernal or the Slovenian Tadej Pogaar. It is still Nairo Quintana, surely motivated by the cycle change. Leader of the Tour de Provence in the absence of the Sunday stage, which should not break its hierarchy.


In the foreign press bus, the triumph of Quintana in the Reynard Villa was also moved with emotion, although with the interruptions of the signal that Colombian colleagues avoided. And almost simultaneously, although without images, the triumph of Luis Len Snchez in the Tour of Murcia, which he stole Alejandro Valverde's wallet, although the champion of Spain showed his face at the Collado Bermejo, the emblematic summit of the Region of Murcia. The final general had opted for the initial day of Friday in favor of the Belgian Xandro Meurisse (Circus-Wanty), which ratified his absolute triumph. The Bullet aims, but for the moment it does not fire.

Back to Colombia, where the Movistar rolls together well in front of the head until it dissolves at arrivals, in Zipaquir, the 'Eganmana' rose in pitch. Thousands of fans from much of the country witnessed the sprint and were attentive to the end of the getaway, 17 kilometers from the goalThe image of Egan Bernal is multiplied in streets, squares and markets, the first Colombian winner of the Tour de France is the local pride, at the level of the Salt Cathedral where some years his father worked.


Sunday Tour Colombia ends and Egan is 50 seconds away from the leader, Sergio Higuita. A colchn that might be enough, although Education First worked during Saturday while the Ineos were able to travel quieter, always in quotes. Higuita is sure that the Ineos be very aggressive; Bernal, on the other hand, confirms that they are going to “try everything until the end”.

The goal in the Alto de El Verjn gives to speculate with a bouquet of possibilities and, consequently, of emotions of high intensity.

The phase does not limit its requirement to the suffocating end at 3,290 meters of altitude. Previously there is an area of ​​leg-break slides. At 20 kilometers from the end also 3,000 meters are exceeded in the high of Patios, the mountain that with the Monserrate guards the city of Bogot from the heights.

The final climb are 9.4 kilometers at 5.6% with ramps up to 13%, but sustained. The first two kilometers and the last two are the steepest. There are some declines interspersed that reduce the percentage of inclination, but in the last 20 kilometers we will attend a unevenness of almost 500 meters. Exaggerated altitude is the key. The verb suffer will be too short to express what cyclists feel. Quintana will no longer steal focus on the definition of the Colombian race in El Verjn.

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