The Bernabéu has passed judgment and the club has taken note convinced that it is the best decision for all parties. Luka Modric, 36, will continue at Real Madrid for at least one more season. “The land for the one who works it”, famous phrase of the Mexican Emiliano Zapata Salazar, recognized military and peasant leader who represented the proclamation of the agrarian reform proposed in 1911 during the Mexican Revolution, goes to the point of what has happened with the little-giant Croatian genius.

Modric renewed a few months ago for a single season and accepting the 10% salary reduction that the entity asked all players for the accumulated losses due to the pandemic. His desire to continue in white was ahead of economic haggling or bids in Europe despite the offers that came to the table of his agent, Borja Couce.

Modric only wanted to continue in Madrid and Madrid. Temporality seemed a secondary issue. Logical. He knows his body to perfection, takes care of himself as if there were no tomorrow, measures his preparation with the meticulousness of a scientist and maintains the illusion of a youth. That made things much easier for Madrid, which they do not forget. For good.

Florentino Pérez has already decided to give him one more year when he finishes this course, so that Modric will continue at least until June 30, 2023. Age does not matter. Yes performance and your loyalty to this jersey. The Bernabéu stood up before Christmas for its exhibition in the derby (2-0) and repeated emotional gestures on Saturday after the 4-1 at Valencia. The whole stadium standing chanting the name of Modric is not a trivial question.

It is a declaration of intent that few footballers can boast about in the history of this club. That is why the Valdebebas offices have got down to work and are already designing the renewal contract that they will offer Luka when the season ends., just as they will with Vinicius, another who this season has broken it for the better until reaching 100 million euros in his last valuation in Transfermakt.

In addition, Modric has a luxury guarantor: Carlo Ancelotti. The Italian is in love with attitude, commitment, tactical intelligence and defensive spirit under pressure from Zadar’s genius. Carletto doesn’t look at the ID, look at what he sees. And with Modric, he sees a lot of light and a few shadows. He has already transferred to the club that in his next project (2022-23) he wants Modric in his squad. Yes or yes.

Modric takes care of his future

The club has understood that it is a good operation for all. Madrid wins, because in the modern and impressive Bernabéu they will show off the 2018 Ballon d’Or and the great captain of the Croatian team at the Qatar World Cup; He wins the fans because he adores the white 10 and with his last ovations he has vindicated his continuity; Ancelotti wins because he keeps the brain that gives meaning to the team’s offensive and defensive game; and the player himself wins, who wanted to reach the Qatar event in fullness and in a club with the highest demands such as Madrid. Let’s not forget that Luka is 36 years old and that Iniesta, for example, went to Japan when he was 34 years old. And Xavi to Saudi Arabia, to Al-Sadd, with 35 …

Modric takes care of his diet as if he were just starting out, he leads a family life and trains hard to keep fit. Admirable.

That is why the club has picked up the glove every time Luka has spoken. “Happy and proud to continue wearing the shirt of the best team in the world,” he said after renewing last summer until 2022. The third captain of the team, after Marcelo, Benzema and Nacho, knows that with this decision he will see his dream come true: to play the Qatar World Cup as a Madrid footballer. There is Modric for a while. The Bernabéu will award it again.