Modric: “My renovation is going well, I hope to continue next year”

Luka Modric, who will start in midfield along with Casemiro and Kroos in the second leg of the Champions League quarter-finals, has appeared in the preview of the match that Real Madrid and Liverpool will play at Anfield. The Croatian midfielder is showing a high level in recent matches and will aim for his team to qualify for the semi-finals of the European tournament after two consecutive eliminations in the round of 16.

How do you imagine tomorrow night?

“I imagine a very demanding match, where we are going to have to be up to the competition and have a great game, do what we did in the first leg, defend and attack as a team and go for the match. Not to defend the result. We have to try to win the game ”.

Is the team physically on edge?

“We are doing well, the wear is enormous, especially at the moment, there are many players out. But we're okay, I think. Lets gather. They are eight or nine months of work to be now fighting everything, we cannot complain of fatigue now. Hopefully this effort will help us to win something ”.

How do injuries affect, for example Lucas Vázquez's?

“Lucas is a shame, because he was in a spectacular state and he has helped the team a lot. The injury affected us, we are supporting him. Hopefully he recovers soon and well ”.

How do you deal with these problems?

“These things unite us even more because we know that we need all the players who are at a great level until the end of the season. And these things bring us closer together. We cannot complain and never have. It is part of soccer. It's fucking having players injured. But it unites us even more ”.

Is this your best season?

“I do not know, that's the truth. Now I'm not going to get into this. I am very happy with my performance, with my level of play, with the things I do to help the team. I feel very good. I have to continue like this until the end of the season ”.

Mbappé will play for Real Madrid, according to El Chiringuito …

I do not know what to say. There is a lot of news that there are players who come or go, I can't go into that. He is a great player, he has shown it. The greats are always welcome to Madrid. Let's see what happens next year … “

Is Kroos the player you have played most comfortable with in your career?

“He is one of the ones I have felt most comfortable with, yes, the ones I like to play with the most. I enjoy him, we understand each other very well and let's see how long we will continue together enjoying each other … ”.

What will be the strategy to follow?

“Defend very well and attack later as a team.”

How is your renewal?

“It is as always. It's going well, I can't say more. I have always said that I want to continue, I hope that I will continue. I can't say more ”.

The complaints about Di Stéfano and the protests of Piqué. Does it stain what Madrid has achieved?

“Nothing they do outside can stain our history. There are always complaints, it's normal, we are the best team in the world. But they don't stain our image at all ”.

Florentino again president. Able to bring back all the stars?

“First, I congratulate you. He sure wants to build a great team again, even though we already have it. The president has always done great things for Madrid and will continue to do so ”.

He knows Liverpool well, but now they don't have the 'Liverpool factor' …

“To be honest, I prefer to play with the public because I have played several times here and the atmosphere was incredible, we want to play in front of the fans. We do not think if the public or not is an advantage. It is the situation we are in and we have to do our best in these circumstances ”.