Luka Modric was the Madrid player who appeared at a press conference in the preview of the semifinal of the Spanish Super Cup against Athletic. The Croat avoided giving details about his renewal, but assured that the negotiations are going in the right direction and did not want to comment openly on the Ramos case. He also commented on the Hazard and Odegaard moment.

Real Madrid Shield / Flag

How is the costumes and the feeling for the Super Cup. “We're fine, it's been three days in Malaga preparing for the game. Good feelings. My feeling also, it's a very important game. “

Madrid has seven wins and two draws. You can keep up with that pace. “I don't see any reason why not, the coach has used the same block, but they are all important, whoever has to perform does so. The coach wants to give everyone opportunities, it depends on the player when it comes to them, I see no problem not rotating so much “.

Future, your situation. “It's … I can't say many things. I'm talking to the club and everything is going in a good direction.”

Thebes and his criticisms of Zidane. Which were excuses. “We do not look for excuses for that result and I do not see so much sense talking about this more, it was not an ideal situation but that happens in life.”

“Sergio is my friend and I want the best for him; it's between him and the club, I can't get involved”

Luka Modric, Real Madrid player, on the renewal of Ramos.

Ramos Renovation. Which side is he on, the club or the partner. “I can't position myself anywhere, Sergio is my friend and I want the best for him, he's happy, it's between him and the club, I can't get involved.”

Your secret. “Nothing in particular has changed, working a lot outside of training, I have the same desire, to compete, the years are not a problem. I don't look at them, I can still continue at this level.”

“The years are no problem, I can still continue at this level”

Luka Modric, Real Madrid player

Hazard. “We all know his level, in Madrid he only had it for a few moments when he could be fit. The problem has been, I think, injuries. He is a great player and he will show it in Madrid. He needs continuity and not have more. injuries. He will show why Madrid have signed him, to help win titles, he has the conditions. “

Rotations. Are there not by decision of Zidane or is it up to the players? “As I said, it is a matter of the coach, it is a matter of the coach, we do not have to look for other reasons.”

Favorites “The four teams that are here have possibilities, we are going to do our best to be first in the final and then fight for the title.”

Odegaard, what advice do you have? “The last time I spoke about him, I said that I like him as a player and as a person. That he continues to fight for his place in this team, that when he plays he makes a difference to show that he deserves to be here. To work and fight for his place, is my advice to him. “

After the official press conference, Modric also spoke on Real Madrid TV microphones:

Defense of the title. “It is very exciting. It is a very important trophy for us. It would be nice to start the year with a title, like we did last year. We really want to play this match against Athletic, do it well and be in another final ”.

Athletic, with a new coach. “We have seen in the League game a month ago that they are a very difficult game. Now with a new coach it will be motivation and desire to face the reason for tomorrow, because they too have the opportunity to be in a final ”.

Memories. “I have a special affection for this competition. It was my first title against Madrid and also my debut. It brings back good memories of this competition. I have already won it three times and I hope to add more ”.


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