After a tug of war between the Real Madrid and the Tottenham, with Daniel Levy through, the whites were made on August 27, 2012 with Luka modric, a player who came to stand out in the Premier and would become big star in Madrid.

The croatian arrived with José Mourinho, who gave him the controls of the ship in his last year at the Bernabéu. The midfielder adapted and was gaining importance with the passing of the weeks until completing 53 games at the command of the Portuguese in his first campaign with four goals and eight assists.


Now, confirmed among the elite of the elite and with no sign of leaving it in the next few years, Sportske novosti review the Luka Modric's career in a special number on the occasion of its 15th anniversary in the selection with a multitude of guests among which is Jose Mourinho. The portuguese came undone in praise of the Croatian midfielder and tells how his first bars of white were.

His signing and his arrival

His arrival from Tottenham was a complicated signing and a request from José Mourinho, who explains the reasons for his arrival. “I insisted so much on bringing Modric to Real Madrid because he had everything we needed in the team: technique, vision and reading of the game, quality when making decisions, speed of thought, he went long, short, he scored from outside the area, he knew how to press, he was smart to position himself and he was intense. We needed all that at Real Madrid, “says the now Tottenham manager.

Real Madrid Shield / Flag

The adaptation, according to Mourinho explains to this Croatian medium, was simple. “He adapted very calmly to Real Madrid. To the weight of the day to day, to the pressure of the public. Luka is a stable and confident guy. He quickly learned what Real Madrid is, what is the size of the club and its objectives, “he adds. For this, explains Mourinho, he was key her character.He is a boy who works as a team. A great professional, who leads a quiet life, he enjoys his family, works hard and is sure of himself, but is modest at the same time “, sentence.

A golden legacy

The 10 of Real Madrid celebrates 15 years in the Croatian national team and in this special of Sportske Novosti, Mourinho does not hesitate to congratulate him for “making history”. “When someone can make history with their works, they become immortal,” he assures before congratulating him.

From the Croatian media, they ask who is comparable and for Mourinho there is no possible comparison. “Luka Modric has won the Ballon d'Or, let's not compare him with anyone …”, he concludes The Special One.