There was little doubt, but UEFA confirms it again: Misa Rodríguez (22 years old) is one of the promises to follow in this 2022. The Canarian goalkeeper, who has already begun to exploit her talent by winning Zamora with Real Madrid last season, is the only Spanish representative of a list in which another nine pearls of European women’s football appear. A list in which Eva Navarro (2021), from Levante, and Laia Aleixandri (2020), from Atlético de Madrid, appeared in previous years.

Is about: Elisabeth Terland (Sandviken, 20 years old), Emma Snerle (Fortune Hjørring, 20 years old), Jarne Teulings (Twente, 19 years old), Jule Brand (Hoffenheim, 19 years old), Katja Wienerroither (Grasshopper, 19 years old), Maja Jelcic (SFK 2000 Sarajevo, 17 years old), Maya Le Tissier (Brighton & Hove Albion, 19 years old), Naomi Feller (Stade de Reims, 20 years old), Romee Leuchter (Ajax, 20 years old).

In the case of mass, the Spanish international has managed to earn her place as the undisputed starter at Real Madrid, which has not yet tied its renewal. The Canarian goalkeeper is one of the soccer players whose contract ends next June and its continuity remains in suspense, being one of the great wishes of the white fans.

What’s more, Misa has also begun to gain a foothold in the Spanish National Team, in which he won the call for his good performance at Real Madrid and where he is presented as a goal with a great future for La Roja. For now, he has not conceded a goal in the three and a half games he has played as a Spanish international.

Misa, an example on and off the field

A level under sticks that he has also shown at Real Madrid, the one who led the European classification last season conceding less than one goal per game in the League. His good stops have continued this season, in which he continues to ask for a step. Thus, the Spanish international does not stop growing in Madrid, where he arrived in the summer of 2020 after a great season at Deportivo. The good performance in Valdebebas makes the Canary live a great moment in her career and her performances on the green make her one of the best goalkeepers on the national scene.

What’s more, Misa became a symbol against machismo in soccer after the viral campaign ‘Same Passion’. The Madrid goalkeeper was the victim of sexist harassment on the networks after publishing a photo of her and Asensio under the slogan ‘Same Passion’. The publication was deleted by the player herself after receiving unfortunate comments, but her case served as an impetus to fight against machismo in sports.