On the night of Friday, November 18, Miriam Sánchez was arrested by the Police in Madrid for an alleged crime of attack against an agent of the authority. the ex of pipi road She was transferred first to a hospital and later went to the police station of the Madrid district of Moncloa-Aracavaca, according to reports from Fiesta.

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The winner of survivors 2008 remains detained in the dungeon and “on Monday she will go to court”, as the paparazzi assures Sergio Garrido.

Sánchez has been away from the spotlight for some time. She became famous as an adult film actress and made all the headlines of heart programs and media when her relationship with the sports journalist, with whom she has a daughter, exploded in 2013 after several sentimental crises. The last time Pipi and Miriam saw each other’s faces was in the middle of the street, at night, and they were seen arguing angrilyputting on an embarrassing show.

In addition to winning survivors In 2008, the Vallecana went through many other Mediaset programs, including Women and men and vice versa, of good law, Save me, the AR program y Look who jumps!. Sánchez was going to reappear on television last September with an interview in the Deluxehowever, the direction of the program decided to cancel his intervention because apparently he was making constant allusions to his underage daughter, the center of all your problems with the ex of Terelu Campos.