Juan Miranda is the last to arrive at the project of Antonio Cordón and Manuel Pellegrini at Betis. The player returns on loan to Heliópolis after leaving Barcelona six years ago. In his presentation he made his intentions clear: “I am very happy to return to what is my home and my family. I left as a child and come back as a man. The first option was always Betis. It is a day that I will always remember, I had been dreaming about this since I left“.

Asked about his style of play, he had no doubts: “I am an offensive player, but I know that I am a defender and the first thing I have to do is defend. Past? My dream was always to get to the first team, although I went to Barcelona very young. Luckily I'm here. “

Experience: “I have worked with many stars and at Barcelona they have treated me very well. At first it gives you something until you enter the locker room to get water. In the last stage in Germany it cost me a bit more. It was a matter of adaptation, I have learned a lot there personally. Play now? I would be ready to play this weekend“.

Pellegrini figure: “I spoke with him this morning and he was close. The dressing room has welcomed me very well and I am very grateful“.

Antonio Cordón, sports director of the club, “The contracts are confidential. But Betis reserves a priority. If all parties agree, it is all very intertwined so that I can continue here“He insisted on that priority:” What I want is for Miranda to play very well and stay with us. Then the parties will agree on what they should agree on. The rest is not information to be told. “

The president of Betis, Ángel Haro, also influenced the arrival of the left-handed side and in the present planning: “In this case the joy is double for being a player of the house. The player's interest in being here has prevailed at all times“.” We have gone from 90 million received in transfers to three or four. We have tried to maintain the high potential of the squad, we believe that many players did not perform at the level expected of them. We have not wanted to sell off the assets we have in the club. We wanted to preserve the value of the template and prop up defense and goal. We also won in full with the arrival of Sanabria, we are satisfied with the team we have. Our main signing has been the coaching staff headed by Pellegrini“.” 90% of the fans have taken a big step with the renovation. They are Betis and the main ambassador of these feelings, “said Haro about the season tickets and the crisis.