The name of Erling haaland entered the Barcelona pre-campaign when Josep Maria Minguella, advisor of Emili rousaud, and future sports vice president of Barça if Els Millors wins the candidacy for Barça, he stated that The Norwegian forward would play for the Catalan club if Rousaud is president of Barcelona on January 24. The first big bomb of the electoral pre-campaign, since Minguella hinted that there is a pre-agreement with Haaland so that he can wear Barça. But the reactions have not been long in coming.

Barcelona Shield / Flag

But Mino Raiola has been in charge of deflating the souffle. “This is fake news! I have never spoken with a single presidential candidate for FC Barcelona, ​​or Erling Haaland or any of my other players, and neither will I “, said the agent of the Norwegian forward to the middle Sport1. The Borussia Dortmund footballer's agent was blunt, according to the German media. Although Raiola left the door open to speak in the future about any of his clients: “If a new president is determined in January, then you can call me.”

Haaland is one of the objectives of the Real Madrid and they've been working on their hiring for months. From the white entity they calmly look at the situation associated with the Norwegian and Barcelona, ​​more after the words of Mino Raiola.


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