The Minister of Universities, Manuel Castells, will begin the round of visits to Spanish universities “this month of February”, with the aim of making “a collective diagnosis” to “do things differently” through “listening activates “various actors in the university field, such as management teams, student and faculty representatives, research centers, as well as administrative and service personnel (PAS). That round will initially focus on the 50 public universities.

This was stated on Thursday by press officials and advisers to the minister in a meeting with the press, where they said they will not be public visits with the rector, but will be “work sessions” and without the press to ensure greater “freedom” of the parts From there, a document will be prepared to reach a state pact that will give rise to a new University Law.

This regulation, according to the calendar that was considered in the aforementioned meeting, could be ready for 2021 or 2022, and would collect the “collaborative” spirit that permeates the political program of the minister, one of the members proposed by Podemos in the current Coalition Government with the PSOE.

Thus, the aspirations of the new University team would be based on electoral promises, reforming the scholarship system to be considered a subjective right and with more funding and for low-income students, recover university rates prior to the crisis and develop a pact of State of the Teaching and Researcher Personnel.


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