Éder Militao (Sao Paulo, 22 years old) He is shy and little friend of the interviews. This is, in fact, the first one granted to a Spanish media since its signing by Madrid, for which he became the most expensive defender in the history of the club (€ 50M). The Brazilian, starter in the Etihad next Friday by the sanction of Ramos, receives AS, whose editors have previously tested negative for COVID-19, at his home in an exclusive development in the north of Madrid. He asks his staff to leave him alone in the face of danger, that is, the interviewer, and he answers with Spanish much more than acceptable To all the questions.


What did you do, in early 2019, when you found out that Madrid wanted you?

I was at my house and I got a call from my agent. It was an incredible joy, a very good feeling because it confirmed that I was doing an incredible job in Porto.

I celebrate it?

I'm calm, not so much to celebrate, but Madrid is the biggest club in the world. I was happy and celebrated with the family.

How did Casillas and Pepe, then their colleagues in Porto, influence the process?

They taught me things about the club: how it is, its greatness, how it is lived every day. Despite how little we agree, I keep many things from them.

Shield / Flag Real Madrid

Tell us about yourself. How was your childhood?

There wasn't as much football as you can think of, it wasn't the main thing. I liked riding a bike and flying kites better. Everything was not so related to football. In fact, when he played he was a goalkeeper.

And how did it change?

I was at home and a friend of my father called me to play a tournament. I went, I was good at it and we continued working from there because everyone said it had the potential to go far, to big clubs.

What did you want to be when you grew up?

I didn't think about it, I just wanted to continue on the street, running with my friends.

And your life now, in Madrid, what is it like?

I live with family and friends. I like being here more at home, calm. We play pool, Play, those things …

Which companions do you get along with best?

With everyone. They are very good and incredible people. They encourage you, they support you.

Reaching a locker room like Madrid's should not be easy. Has anyone especially helped you?

I get along well with everyone, but Casemiro is the person who always talks to me, tells me more important things. Also Marcelo. With Casemiro I have a greater friendship, he is always supporting me, we are also together with Brazil.

“I was impressed to see Ramos on TV and doing it now in person is incredible. He is a gladiator”

Who has surprised you the most in the daily life of Valdebebas?

I was always impressed to see Sergio (Ramos) on television and doing it now in person is incredible. He is a player with a brutal desire. Also Toni Kroos, Luka (Modric) … They are incredible.

And what has caught your attention most of all that is the universe of Madrid?

It is the biggest club in the world and everything, the press, the signings, everything, revolves around it. Madrid is something from another world.

Her father was a soccer player. How important is it in your career?

It is an inspiration. He did not become a top player, but many tell me he was incredible. When I have a game, he calls me, explains what I have to do, helps me focus… It is a motivation and a joy.

He has moved 54 million despite his youth. Does it pressure you to be the most expensive defender in the history of Madrid?

Being the most expensive defender in the history of Madrid is something very important. Respond to work you have done before. That amount paid is deserved, and therefore I have to continue working.

His presentation was very special, even with the anecdote of dizziness.

Before that day Casemiro insisted that I would have a lot of pressure, that it is the best club in the world, that I would have to know how to be focused to do things well for all that, for the press… I had never held a press conference with so many journalists And, at one point, I saw a lot of people looking at me, recording me, I was excited and I don't know what was happening, I couldn't speak … (laughs).

What did they tell you in the locker room?

There were many jokes from the Brazilians (laughs). The others welcomed me.

“City is a unique moment for me, to be to death, to play with everything”

Then he said that the title he likes the most is the Champions League. How did it feel to win the League?

I said that the Champions League was very important, but the League is also important and I can't explain the feeling of winning it, it was incredible. Now comes the Champions League, but we fought and fought a lot to reach the end and succeed.

There was a lot of criticism from the media and the fans. In the locker room did you think they were unfair?

The press always has to talk about something about Madrid. We know what we worked on in training, how well we were doing. We don't like to lose, we always want to win and win, but it doesn't always come out. We knew we were on the right track.

And it is the turn of the Champions League, of City, with you as the starter. What do you feel?

An impressive feeling. It is a unique time for me to be to death. Ramos is not there and I have to give my heart, play with everything.

It is a very difficult challenge. Do you face it as a brown or as your great opportunity?

This is my great opportunity to show that you can count on me in easy and difficult games. I have been preparing well, transmitting confidence to my colleagues. I hope it is an incredible match.

He has been player 15 in minutes. Would you have signed this first year so far?

I expected better things, but look at the situation we are all experiencing now. We have to be prepared for everything. We did not expect to go through this.

What note is put?

A 7.

“So far I get a 7. I imagine my first goal in Manchester, the victory, with a header”

He has been improving and his role against Athletic stands out. Is he doing something special for what the City means?

Prepare myself in training. The concentration is even higher for games like this. I prepare myself psychologically, the day to day in training is of a different intensity, thinking that situations that occur can also occur in Manchester.

Who do you see from City and say “this is the most dangerous …”?

Although they are all very good, Gabriel Jesus.

When Zidane arrived you were already signed. How is your relationship?

We get along really good. When he plays he always talks to me the day before or the day of the game. He asks me for concentration to do things well.

Have you been surprised that such a myth, both player and coach, is so close?

I did not expect it.

How would you define Ramos?

A gladiator.

He debuted on September 14, with Levante, as Hazard. Are you getting to City well?

He is an incredible player. This is demonstrated by what he has done in England, always being the best in the Premier. It is essential for us, he knows the team well. For him City is also a fundamental match. It is moving forward again. It will help us, for sure.

You have a lot of arrival, but it has not yet been released at the scorer level. How do you imagine your first goal with Madrid?

I imagine it now, in the Champions League, in Manchester. The winning goal, with a header. I wouldn't know how to celebrate it … Nothing is impossible, I'm going to look for it.

Shield / Flag Brazil

In the Brazilian coaching staff they have a lot of confidence in you. Do you notice that endorsement of Tite and his collaborators?

They believe in me, that I have a bright future, and I have to work so that they can trust me more and more and have that future.

In 2021 there are Copa América and Games. You have already won the 2019 Copa América … What is your preference?

I wanted to play the Games this year, but you have to wait for them to decide.

What message would you send to Real Madrid?

Madridistas, against City we will not have our captain but here I am. I'm going to make a good match, trust me. We will be victorious.

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