The artist was performing last Sunday at the Corona Capital in Mexico City when she began to feel bad. After taking a breath and receiving the comfort of her mother, Miley Cyrus took the microphone and confessed to the attendees that she had suffered an anxiety attack: “Have you ever felt very anxious for no apparent reason and very insecure? I feel like that now and I don’t know why, I was afraid because I felt alone “.

The former Disney star did not take off her sunglasses in the more than two hours that the show lasted and resorted to her mother’s arms, Tish Cyrus, up to two more times. “Now I see you and I know I’m not alone, if my music helped you it will help me too, let’s overcome those fears together,” she said. “I feel like I’m the only person stopping me from moving on. No one else has the power and control to express our beliefs, philosophy, attitudes or decide if today is a good or bad day. And I’ve realized that I’m screwing up my own freedom. It’s ironic.”

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The star’s environment has slipped that Miley, who turns 30 this Wednesday, is not going through her best moment. However, it is not the first time that Miley has experienced problems of this type on stage. In September 2021, she suffered a panic attack. At that time, she did not hide either and shared her discomfort with her followers: “He is terrifying.”