the young actress Milena Smit miscarried when she was only 19 years old. The successful interpreter of the movie almodovar parallel mothers next to Penelope Cruz, has surprised everyone by positioning itself in favor of abortion and revealing in a recent interview that she has gone through that trance: “I have suffered a induced abortion, because I got pregnant at 19 years old,” she has confessed. The also model has revealed her secret because the experience coincides with that reflected through the character of her next film, Tin & Tina, which is about to be released.

In the horror film, directed by Rubin Stein and whose action takes place in Spain in 1981, Milena plays Lola, a young woman who has gone through the experience of an abortion, as the actress has recognized in an interview with The weekly country.

“Lola, in Tin & Tina, suffers an abortion, and today they are trying to change a series of rules regarding it, something that for me is crazy,” the artist said just before confessing her case: “I have suffered an induced abortion, because I got pregnant at the age of 19. I wanted to be able to choose about my body and decide about my future”, he has clarified forcefully.

The young actress does not rule out becoming a mother when she feels that it is time: “Maybe tomorrow, whether as a couple, with another woman or with a man, or alone, when I feel that I am ready to give that time, that space and those values ​​to a person, do it. But I, at 19 years old, was a girl who had no idea how to deal with that,” the young model acknowledged.

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Her character somehow recounts a similar circumstance, because after having an abortion, Lola takes in the two twins that give the film its name to recover her faith. That is why she chose this role, since she, “before looking at the type of film it is, more auteur or more commercial, and in addition to the story, the first thing I look at is knowing what that character is facing and what are you fighting for,” he declared.

Milena is the daughter of a Dutchman and a Spanish woman, and after emigrating to Madrid from her native Elche, she did all kinds of temporary jobs while she trained as an actress at Cristina Rota’s school. She made her debut on the big screen at the age of 23 with the film you shall not killand has already been nominated for a Goya award twice.

The actress is clear that she wants to use her fame and her work, together with her social networks, to fight for those causes that move her or mobilize her: “Now I have the speaker of my work, but when I was more unknown I used my networks to vindicate issues such as feminism or mental health”, he stated in the interview.