Athletic’s John Wayne. He is unperturbed. Neither in the compliment, nor in the criticism.

Not when one of the goals that have been most celebrated in recent years is born from his boots, such as Berchiche’s in Granada in the second leg of the Cup semifinal two seasons ago, nor when an error of his causes a goal from Rayo Vallecano, which in the end ended up winning in San Mamés.

“We are not going to fool ourselves, things come to you no matter how much you do not read or listen. You have to be on the sidelines, turn a deaf ear in quotes, because they affect my environment, family and friends more. I understand and accept them because we are exposed to this type of criticism, ”he said not long ago in the Lezama press room.

The Quiet Man. On the field and off the field. That is Mikel Vesga.

The midfielder from Gasteiz has participated, at least for the moment, in the eight official matches that Athletic has played. It is true that only one as a starter, the one mentioned before Rayo. In the rest he has come out as a substitute to give air to the center of the field.

It could be said that Marcelino has some confidence in Vesga, although the most common pair of the Asturian coach in the center of the field, at this start of the season at least, is the duo formed by Dani García and Unai Vencedor. Let’s say life remains the same from last season.

Ziganda’s bet

The Gasteiztarra was a bet of Ziganda and the club in his day. Let’s even say that the Mikel Merino operation went cold when the now Real Sociedad player was in Osasuna. In truth I believe that a serious bet was never made for the Navarrese, what eye, I would not have wanted to come either.

It was understood from Lezama that with Vesga that position was already covered. Already. Yes. I can imagine what you’re thinking. Today, Merino is much more of a player than Vesga. It’s possible. But for the good and for the bad, doing the fictional soccer exercise can be dangerous. And there are quite a few examples.

The rojiblanco footballer has exceeded 100 games with Athletic, despite having experienced two assignments to Gijón and Leganés, respectively. I have a lot of respect for any player who has played in the First Division for a while, go ahead.

Now, I have the feeling that these are numbers that perhaps, outside of the rojiblanco club, the midfielder from Gasteiz would not have reached. Let’s not fool ourselves, like a few others throughout the history of the rojiblanco club.

But of course, it’s going back to playing fictional football that I referred to earlier and I don’t consider it entirely fair either. The fact is that he has a contract until 2024, so he will have opportunities to increase his numbers as a lion. Of course, surely, in his own way, at his own pace, like when he plays guitar with Orsay. The Quiet Man. Athletic’s John Wayne. It is not something from the other Thursday.

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