Miguel Bosé, the most notorious absence at his mother’s funeral in Brieva

Nearly three years after the death of Lucia Boseher children, grandchildren and other relatives met last Tuesday in Brieva, where the great matriarch of the clan lived during her last years, to pay her the tribute that the Covid prevented them from giving him that March 23, 2020. The ceremony was emotional, intimate and ended with a notable absence: that of his son, Miguel Bose.

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Precisely the presence of the singer was one of the reasons why the family decided to delay the farewell to Lucía Bosé over and over again: “In case he could, but in the end nothing”, they have said in digital freedom. Miguel, who is in Mexico with his two sons, Ivo and Telmo, could not accompany his sisters Lucia and Paola, who deposited his mother’s ashes in the Brieva cemetery, as was his wish. In addition, some friends and neighbors attended who took care of her and accompanied her in the final stretch.

The reasons for this notorious absence have not been revealed, because although work and health (he underwent surgery for a herniated disc in October) could have been determining factors, the truth is that the relationship between Miguel and his family is not going through its best moment. The reason? Nacho Palaufrom whom he separated after 25 years of relationship and with whom all the Dominguín-Bosé continued (and continue) to have a magnificent friendship despite everything, something that Miguel was not amused at all.

Perhaps he has not ironed out any rough edges with his family, but he has with his ex, to whom he has offered all his help now that he is fighting against a lung cancer. His close circle assured that Miguel had phoned Nacho to offer him not only financial support (Palau lives in Valencia with the other two children of the former couple, Diego and Tadeo) but also moral support. Nacho was precisely very close to Lucía Bosé, who died of bilateral pneumonia associated with the coronavirus at the age of 89.