A month after being assaulted by an armed commando in his home in Mexico while he was sleeping with his children, the singer has reappeared on television, where he has offered unpublished details of the terrifying moment: “It was horrible and I hope to forget it as soon as possible. They took everything But the important thing is that nothing happened to anyone.”

Miguel Bosé has told what happened with hair and signs in The Anthill: “I was asleep, a noise woke me up and I saw some faces that I didn’t recognize. They carried pistols with silencers and I saw my children at the foot of the bed, surrounded by these people who carried machine guns and a lot of heavy artillery, with masks… They tied us with the laces of my shoes“. And he continues: “There was pushing and insulting, but no physical violence. I was very lucid, I slowed down and offered them everything I had of value. “I asked them not to separate the children so they wouldn’t panic and I guided them through the house while they covered my children and put them in my dressing room.”

Bosé, with a remarkably strong voice, has even added a touch of humor to the story: “Mexico is a wonderful country but also very surreal. On the tour of the house, the boss looks at me and says: ‘Guys, this is Miguel Bosé.’ He takes off his mask and tells me: ‘I’m your fan.’ I responded: ‘Well, let’s do things right or the concerts are over.’ Suddenly someone said ‘A selfie, a selfie’ and the boss said ‘Shut up asshole’. But at that moment I knew that nothing was going to happen and I stayed calm.” And he added: “I have some Californian friends who have a bag and suitcase company… They are always giving me gifts and I hate them. So I take this opportunity to thank the thieves for taking them all. Thank you. Of course, I hope they give me back the laces of all my shoes.”

Finally, Bosé wanted to recognize the value of his children, Diego and Tadeo: “The boy who was with them calmed them down. He was an angel because he told Tadeo: ‘I’m going to untie you so that in half an hour, you can finish taking off the ropes and free the others.’ When I met them again, there was no fear in their eyes. This generation is going to save us all.”