Miguel Angel Silvestre, one of the most international and attractive actors on our national scene, also knows how to act like a superhero in reality. The actor has hunted down a thief and has saved the frightened clientele of a luxury store on Calle Serrano in Madrid during a robbery that he witnessed live without thinking twice.

The events occurred last Thursday, when a thief tried to steal bags from a luxury store located in the Salamanca neighborhood of Madrid. The thief did not get the loot because the actor Miguel Ángel Silvestre was nearby to prevent it. This occasional superhero, anonymous but not so anonymous, managed to save both the frightened clientele and the stolen material.

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The altercation occurred when a thief tried to steal several branded bags from the luxury store in the center of Madrid. The offender took several of the valuable accessories and tried to flee the store. That’s where Silvestre, neither short nor lazy, prevented him by running after the offender until he caught up with him.

The actor, with whom the program has spoken about his heroism Solidarity, has taken iron from his instinctive behavior: “I acted by inertia. It was a matter of action, reaction.” Silvestre ran after the thief accompanied by one of the shop assistants and, together, they hunted him down.

“It’s that I heard that a girl was screaming, and that they had taken some bags. But it was one of the shop assistants who came to bring the bags. He is the one who has the merit,” explains Miguel Ángel modestly and taking away all the credit. Thanks to his intervention, the thief was stopped and merchandise that reached a value of 10,000 euros was recovered. After the adventure, the actor, very modest, the only thing that occurs to him to say is “what’s up, what’s up”, trying to downplay his brave attitude when he is described as a hero.

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The attractive interpreter has recently been in the news because he has been seen walking through the streets of the Spanish capital accompanied by a young woman, whom we can finally name.

Is about Angiea student of Protocol and Organization of Events in Madrid, as revealed by the Instagram profile ‘La Cuernis’, an influencer well-known on social networks for revealing information about celebrities, and who has assured that this is the identity of the young woman that now occupies the heart of our Serrano superhero.