The president of cantabria He showed his most vulnerable side this Monday in the anthillwhen he revealed the delicate personal moment he has been going through since last summer: his wife, Aurora Diaz, fight against colon cancer. “They operated on her. And, well, she’s undergoing chemo. But with a lot of race. And she came here because she is the love of my life. What I have with this woman is incredible,” she said with tears in her eyes.

Miguel Angel Revilla remembered how Paul Motorcycles, a very close friend of his, encouraged him at his worst moment: “I have to thank you that that day in Pilar, when I was very touched, I called you and told you: ‘I don’t know if I’m going.’ Because she was operated on for cancer the next day. I agreed with you that we were going to do it in a way that you wouldn’t notice that I was very touched.” Pablo himself corroborated it: “You call me very touched and you tell me: ‘Pablo, my wife has cancer and they have to operate on her.’ He asked you: ‘What’s wrong with you?’ That night you came in devastated and you did a fucking good show.”

Revilla told how their love story began: “I’m 17 years older than him. I’m neither Tom Cruise nor Bertín Osborne nor these people. It is true that she was very supportive of me because she was affiliated with the party and had me as a leader. I’ve had three kidney operations. On a television show, someone must have sensed that I needed a transplant, and six people offered to donate a kidney to me. The first thing I did was ask who these people were and why they were doing it. Who is one of the people who showed up? Aurora Díaz, my wife.”

Since then, the president and Aurora have been inseparable. In fact, she accompanied him this Monday and heard her declaration of love sitting in the audience. “She had surgery. And, well, she is undergoing chemo. But with a lot of race. And she has come here because she is the love of my life. It is an incredible thing that I have with this woman.” Aurora, excited, came to encourage and cover her husband: “I’m fine. They gave me half a liter of iron in my vein the other day… I have an energy that I can follow you now.”

The president of Cantabria and his current wife met more than 20 years ago. She was a secretary at the PRC (Regionalist Party of Cantabria) headquarters. They have a 24-year-old daughter, Lara, and live in Astillero, very close to Santander.