José Miguel González Martín del Campo, Míchel went through the microphones of 'El Larguero' of the SER to talk about football, Maradona, the Spanish league and Real Madrid. Now he does not have a team, after leaving Pumas de México but he has time to analyze the game more. He put the Royal Society through the roof; to his technician, Imanol Alguacil and Haaland.

Maradona's best goal: “A goal that he scored against Gatti with Argentinos Juniors. A lateral foul that hits the post and the crossbar. Similar to one that Messi scored against Courtois at the Calderón.”

Mexico 86 World Cup Semis: “I also shouted the goals from Argentina to Belgium. That was the first moment we were close. That Spain was a good team.”

Maradona's impact on the World Cup: “Life was different then. He has not had much regularity, he has had great moments. Where he has become a hero has been in the impossible moments. To make Napoli champion in two years. Any team that had Maradona at that time would have been champion in that World Cup. “

“Any team that had Maradona in the World Cup in Mexico would have been champion”

Offers to train: “There have been two interesting offers and others that for a series of circumstances I did not feel like going, since they are purely economic. I am more of a club”.

How do you see Real Madrid ?: “I saw Madrid first and then Atleti later. I was very surprised by the risk of Madrid with Inter, I do not see Inter capable of getting in a game against Madrid. I saw the team somewhat tired, there is a group of veterans and young but in between I do not see people to consolidate that. I see the team with problems of definition ability in the game, not in terms of goals. When the starting lineup passes thirty or is close, that prevents them from some rhythm, the surprise …. Dominate the rival they do not do so much “.

Criticisms of Zidane: “It is surprising that a coach who has won three Champions in a row has never had a consensus to set a style as a coach. He has always solved difficult situations.”

Real Madrid Shield / Flag

Two years to Ramos of contract: “I don't think I have problems giving him two years, but not at any price. If you don't renew him, you have to find a Ramos, but not only in the field but in the dressing room, but you have to find a replacement for Ramos.”

Spain's style of play: “We must not go in other ways, because that is our style and second, because there are players to continue like this. There is a bunch of very interesting players. We go back to the stage when I played, where the quality player is seen as Suspicious. Real is the one that best plays in the championship and has more alternatives and then Atlético, who has mixed style. Playing as Simeone is impossible, there is only one. Many are wanting to play at being Simeone but it is not easy to be. “

Mbappé or Haaland: “To use that money for four or five. I like Haaland a lot and it is progressing very well. He scores goals in different circumstances and not only in the area. Not just a spiker but a player. Madrid need an injection of four or five players In the last 2 years he has lost in the second round of the Champions League. He needs a little more stability and that is achieved by strengthening the squad. “

New football: “Soccer now the player is more physically prepared. Young people now run and don't stop, and they know how to squeeze and where to hurt. They subject you to a rhythm that you can't bear.”

“Haaland scores goals in different circumstances and not only in the area. He is not only a spiker”

Lack of goal in Spain: “There is talent but Spanish football has dropped a bit. We are not that much of a reference for the rest. The coaches are more conservative because if not they immediately kick you out. Now it's as if they ask you if you want to be Guardiola or Mourinho, because I would like to be Imanol Sheriff at Real Sociedad. He has had the perfect point with Silva, he does everything and very well. Very worked and attacking football. Real Sociedad does not give the ball away in the goalkeeper's kick. If Imanol wanted to give importance … He's a great coach. Not just this year. “

Messi ?: “I didn't see him outside of Barça because I don't understand that that player is out, in another team. Barça is made for him. City? You have to put the money and surround him with players”.