Huesca's coach, Míchel, ended the game with mixed feelings. On the one hand, satisfied by the work and effort of his pupils, who were able to corner Barcelona in the last minutes, who even had to shrink balls to save the furniture, but also, discontent, because his team is still the bottom First when he is very close to reaching the halfway point of the season.

Shield / Flag Huesca

I don't see the team dead, on the contrary, I see it very alive. We only have one step left and I hope we will take it with me ”, replied the coach in the shadow of a possible dismissal if the results do not improve.

Michel acknowledged, in any case, that his future hangs by a thread if there is no immediate reaction in the next matches: “I am fully aware that football is results and coaches live from results, but I am convinced of my work and I am calm. I am one of those who also believe in long-term results ”.


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