Sanitary restrictions rule. What at first was going to be the Valencian party in the return of the fan to Mestalla, will remain in a meeting almost as a family. The club already knows that It will only be able to accommodate 3,000 people in the Valencian Coliseum for the game on August 4, against Milan, in the dispute of the 49th edition of orange trophy.

Valencia Shield / Flag

Soon, the club will put the 3,000 available tickets on sale and will announce the prices. The current ones subscribers (the 40,000 who were in the 2019-20 academic year) will have absolute priority when buying tickets that will be sold online. It so happens that Mestalla will be able to host fewer people than in the only match that has been played with the public since March 2020, against Eibar. That day 5,000 people were able to enter the Mestalla although the paper was not exhausted.

With this measure, in Valencia they are expectant for knowing what amount of fans will be able to put in Mestalla for the first league game, on August 13, against the Getafe. However, there is not much optimism within the black and white entity since the incidence of infections In the Valencian community stay high and there are barely 16 days left for the dispute of that match.


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