When Messi He sent the burofax to the Barça offices at the end of August 2020, which had the interest of City. He even got to talk to Guardiola at the time. On the 10th, however, he finally stayed at the Camp Nou. And the Manchester box with the desire to have the Argentine, who more than a year after that episode appears at the Etihad as a visitor. This time with the shirt of a PSG that wants to snatch the first place in the Champions League.

Pochettino not going to book anyone. This is an undercover ending. At stake, the group leadership. Oblivious to the noise that places him on the United bench in the short term, the coach focuses on his team. As he usually says, and now more than ever, it is only worth winning: “We want to do it our way because aesthetics are important, but the priority is to add the three points against City,” he said yesterday in the prelude to the match.

The trident is ready. Although Mbappé he couldn’t train on Monday morning, Pochettino He advanced that except for surprise there will be no problems for him to be a starter. As stressed on other occasions, Guardiola He suggested that there is no formula that refutes the excellence of artists like those of PSG: “Si ni Messi he knows what he is going to do with the ball, how am I going to tell my players what to do, “he said with a smile, happy to be reunited with 10.

A triumph of the City sentences in his favor the first place. The Manchester side have recovered their good feelings from the brilliant associative game this past weekend against Everton. Guardiola, however, you cannot yet count on De Bruyne, confined to home after testing positive for coronavirus: “Come back? When it tests negative, “said Santpedor, who will join in the medullary Rodri, a Gündogan already Bernardo silva.

Wait in Manchester another pulse between sheikhs. The one from the United Arab Emirates against the one from Qatar. A game with transcendence in the Gulf, a place where there is always a pending revalidation. City left the Parc des Princes at the end of September with a probably unfair defeat. It was the first goal of Messi. PSG still remember the elimination in the semifinals of the Champions League last season. They want to, and they will go without reservations for the victory.

Sergio Ramos, on the list

The former Real Madrid player accompanied the team to Manchester yesterday and enters the call for tonight’s clash. However, it is not at all clear that he can debut on a demanding night like this: “He is discharged, but he needs to catch up with his teammates,” he reflected. Pochettino. Sergio Ramos you want to play, but you know you have to be patient. Being at the Etihad tonight is a first step. PSG plays a lot in this Champions League.