They were a good team, but now they play in another league. The distance between Leo Messi y Antonella Rocuzo is increasingly evident, and is confirmed by the international press: after 15 years of love and three children together, the little ones Thiago, Mateo y Cirothe footballer and the businesswoman are going through a bad time.

The Argentine journalist Gonzalo Vázquez commented this weekend in IntrudersAmérica TV program, that marriage is on the tightrope. “They revealed that Messi and Antonella would be going through a strong crisis”, he explained. Information to which is added his intervention this Monday on Antena 3.

Vázquez has said that, in Argentina, Messi is considered “untouchable”, which explains why no one has dared to confirm the news of the couple’s crisis and that those who have spoken about this topic have done so to deny it without relevant data. However, the athlete and the businesswoman have been in the media spotlight since October 30 due to the Argentine star’s attitude at the Ballon d’Or award ceremony.

“They sleep in separate rooms”

The journalist, who has learned that Antonella and Messi “they sleep in separate rooms”, He said that the next few weeks are going to be “crucial” for the future of the marriage. Likewise, she has denied the presence of third parties.

Vázquez recalled that businesswomen and athletes do not usually face crises frequently. The last one, he explained, was in 2018, although it has taken a back seat. According to him, it was because “typical couple wear that has been going on for more than 13 years and they have known each other for a long time.” It must be taken into account that they have known each other since they were nine years old.

Body language, under examination

A few days ago, a body language expert fueled crisis rumors through his TikTok account. With thousands of followers behind her, the specialist assured that the relationship is faltering.

“The first thing that catches my attention is that at the Ballon d’Or presentation, Anto is going to kiss Messi and Messi slaps him. Then, in another scene, when Messi finally wins the Ballon d’Or, he calls Anto to the stage to receive the award with him and Anto doesn’t come up. Only the children go,” said the user on the social network. In addition, she indicated that the photos of both of them after the award denote a certain distance.

In addition, the player recently changed his profile photo on Instagram (where he showed off his family) to a snapshot from when he received his eighth award. On this same social network, Antonella published an image of her with her husband, but this one did not comment, which is strange considering that both are involved in one of the most stable relationships – in the eyes of the public – in the world of football. However, they were also Gerard Piqué y Shakirabut they are only united by their children – it has been very difficult for them to bring positions closer together, as he said this weekend Informalia-; o Sergio Ramos y Pilar Rubioof which it is said that things are not going very well between them.

Be that as it may, Messi and Antonella have not commented on the trickle of information that clouds their stability. After his signing for Inter Miami CFlives with his wife in the exclusive city.

A few weeks ago, the forward’s wife shared numerous posts on Instagram in the company of the Beckhams –David Beckham He is the owner of the club. Likewise, he also met with Elena Galera (the wife of Sergio Busquets) y Romarey Ventura (the wife of Jordi Alba) at the presentation of the designer’s new collection Isabela Rangel.