Merino multiplies its value almost tenfold in five years

Merino This season he will add another notch to his extensive resume, despite being only 24 years old. After debuting as a senior international a couple of weeks ago, it will also premiere in October on the Europe
League. The Navarrese midfielder was able to participate in the Champions
League with the Borussia
Dortmund but he did not get to jump onto the pitch. He was called up in a round of 16 match against Benfica and in the two quarterfinals of 16/17, against Monaco, but did not leave the bench.

Before his leap to the first international scene, first in Germany and then in the Premier
League, Merino accumulated enormous experience in Osasuna, in the Second Division, between 18 and 19 years old. The Navarrese, in his home club, played 67 games between 2014 and 2016, which helped him to Borussia
Dortmund bet on him and sign him for almost 4 million euros. One year later the Newcastle He paid 7 million for his hiring and in 2018 the Real paid 12 million, so his value has not stopped rising in his six years as a professional. Its current market value is 35 million. Almost ten times more than what was paid in his first transfer for him.