BERLIN, 24 Jan. (STATS Perform / dpa / EP) –

The technical director of the Mercedes team, James Allison, predicted “a terribly painful year” for those teams that are wrong with the new technical regulations for the 2022 season of the Formula 1 World Championship.

“I would imagine, as the cars are so new and so different, that one or two on the grid will have done very poorly, and they will have a terribly painful year,” Allison said in a video released by Mercedes on Monday.

The British recognized that both the German team and the rest will have done “everything possible to try to find a design and an approach that happily coincides with this new set of regulations”. “And we’ll all be able to find out together at the beginning of this season how exactly that plays out,” he added.

“I imagine all of us, to some degree, will have left things on the table that we just didn’t anticipate. And we’ll look at other cars and think, ‘Oh, why don’t we think about that?'” black arrows’.

Therefore, if that happens, they will try to make an effort to “bring that new idea” to their cars “as quickly as possible” to be able to open “the way forward” and “from whatever position” the first race determines.

“Or, if we’re lucky enough to be up front, to keep the attacking wolves behind us. It’s going to be pretty rushed and definitely something that’s going to keep us from getting too much sleep all season long,” Allison said.